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Having worked on this website for over 7 years, it is hard to let go and change direction, but 2018 will see us moving on to a more blog-based design in our content, focusing on the things we have discovered over the years, and want to share. This will be a new turn around for the Your Source Today team, with a more intimate and personal approach.

The content will still stretch far and wide, but with a growing look at what we have near us in Surrey, highlighting some of the personal choices that are available and relevant to our team. We will again look to go back in to print, on a short run locally in Surrey, to compliment the content of Your Source Today. The design will stay the same.

The Early Years

Since 2010, Your Source Today shared a spectrum of resources and information on all aspects of life, including: food & drink with free-from options, lifestyle choices, travel routes and destinations, days out and events. Through a variety of offers and prize we promoted producers and suppliers through competitions, and kept our readers up to date on food and lifestyle events. We aimed to give honest, unbiased views and reviews across all our channels, and share in our discovery of new, exciting product, producers and places to visit. The ‘Your Source Today’ website (previously The Source Mag Online) was first launched to support and accompany the print copy of The Source, which was distributed with The Sunday Observer (across London and the South East in 2010/2011). It went on to become Your Source Today (online) in 2012.

Meet the team

Susan Sheen The Boss

"When did I get so old! It seemed to happen overnight, but it really is just about putting less time in to me and too much time in to others. Selfish? Or Survival! Getting older has made me a little bit more selfish, I am happy to admit. When stress and exhaustion dominate and the menopause hits, it is time to reflect on what issues you can change and what you need to leave behind. Looking after yourself is as important as looking after others because if you can't function as a whole everybody suffers."

I am very much driven by self-preservation of late, but also a growing passion to bring more choice and information into as many people's lives as possible, especially on topics relating to alternative options to mainstream shopping and lifestyle choices. Daily struggles with health issues, an unstable thyroid and trying to follow a sugar-, gluten- and dairy-free diet (which doesn't always work out), I am keen to explore options for finding the right balance to support this stage in my life. Mindfulness, relaxation and the right fuel apparently do go a long way to achieving a living balance.

My other venture include Discover Cacao (chocolate events and print magazine), First Steps Art (supporting my son Dale and other artists, with affordable exhibition space) and Kokova Web Design (website construction).

Andy Dalton The Rock

My wonderful rock and (much younger) lover, the man who joined my life as I started this venture; who has the patience of a saint and a penchant for good whisky. Andy Dalton overseas any website improvements, fixes all the bugs and ensures the hidden side of the YST website runs smoothly. He shares my passion for good food and new experiences, taking great delight in sourcing new leads for us to follow, and forcing me to learn to 'code'. When it comes to fine wines and spirits Andy is our connoisseur, whose love of Islay whiskies is still a source of confusion for those who do not appreciate such smokey flavours. Andy steps in as necessary as our part-time photographer joining select events, camera in hand, to capture a real feel for the places he visits.

Sarah Sheen The Influencer

My daughter Sarah is largely responsible for the family's movement away from weekly supermarket shops. In her early teens Sarah chose not to eat mass produced foods, due to how she felt about the mainstream farming methods being used at the time, and the lack of other choices available. Sarah discovered a whole world of ethically sourced goods and gentler farming practises which meant she could follow a more balanced diet while staying true to her personal feelings on animal welfare and crop production. Sarah loves alternative lifestyle choices, is a keen baker, has a wide interest in film and movies, and has an amazing fashion style - plus a great figure to wear it!

Ben Dean The Photographer

Ben Dean is a freelance photographer and web design artist by trade, whose passion however is automotive photography, and he joined us in time for CarFest South in 2014, capturing some amazing images of the classic cars on show at the event. An extensive collection of his work can be found on his personal Flickr page. When he is not chasing planes or snapping stunning shots trackside we are lucky enough to have Ben on hand as our resident photographer for stills and product shots. With a growing taste for good food Ben can often be seen out and about with Sarah, taking pictures and adding his valued opinion.

Andy Kyriacou The Star

Andy Kyriacou's primary role is as the lead singer of 80's band Modern Romance but his entry into the realm of journalism happened purely by chance, after his writing style was spotted by a journalist who suggested he should write articles as an additional outlet to his creativity. Inspired by this positive compliment Andy now writes on a number of subjects, with a passion focusing on travel and culinary delights. He shares a selection with us at Your Source Today. In between his live shows and the journalist’s hat he now wears, he is also in the process of publishing the first in a series of children's books, and transcribing the diaries which he kept in the 80's, during the heyday of Modern Romance. Read his full reviews at AndrosJournalist.Com

Editorial Channel Descriptions

Food and Drink
We are what we eat! Most days we eat a healthy balanced diet, while support local and small producers... and some days we just want to indulge.
Covering all aspects of lifestyles choices including leisure activities, beauty and skin care, personal care, health issues, alternative therapies and home shopping trends.
Discover a variety of travel options and destinations for healthy holidays, indulgent retreats, pure luxury and relaxation, and escapes from the norm.
Read unbiased reports and honest reviews on a variety of products and places we have personally tried and tested.
Enter monthly competitions for a chance to win great prizes and receive exclusive reader offers from our competition sponsors.

Online Visitor Statistics 2016

Our online statistics and audience information at YourSourceToday.com are*: -

  • 176,165 Pageviews
  • 46,759 Users
  • 76% Female / 24% Male - with a majority age range of 35 - 44 years
  • 50.76% New vs 49.24% Returning visitors
  • Our largest audience area is London, closely followed by other major UK cities including Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Birmingham
  • Outside of the UK, the USA is our second largest audience, with additional visitors from across Europe. Our reach has spread to the other side of the world, with visitors from Russia and Australia becoming a regular addition to our monthly unique views

*Google analytics 01/1/2016 – 31/12/2016

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At Your Source Today we also have a lovely team of 'guinea pigs' who we can call upon for product reviews but are keen to increase our team - so if you are a food writer or blogger and would like the opportunity to have your work included please contact us regarding guest posts at info@yoursourcetoday.com

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