The Lemon Compendium - A Comprehensive Guide on Everything There is to Know About Lemons

The Lemon Compendium - A Comprehensive Guide on Everything There is to Know About Lemons

Lemon Compendium by Yasemen Kaner-White is a comprehensive and beautiful guide on everything there is to know about lemons. Yasemen Kaner-WhiteAs much a pean as a compendium, this book devotedly divulges all that is lemon-related, from poetry and proverbs, to a fully researched recipe section.

"There is nothing you can do with a lemon that you won't find here". Food and Travel Magazine

Lemon Compendium has been brought to you after much research, tasting and travelling, offering a fascinating and varied account of all things lemony, including health tips, beauty tips, household tips, historical accounts as well as countless 'lemonlicious' recipes from around the world.

Lemon Compendium is an essential book for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge, an interest in healthy living and a love of the surrounding world, different cultures and their cuisines. The 'must-have' book for anyone who likes to dabble in the kitchen, conjuring up tasty delights.

Yasemen Kaner-White, with her inquisitive and international spirit, thrives on diversity. Her English-Cypriot heritage and passion for travel have fostered her love of the experiential aspects of the cuisines of the world as has her insatiable curiosity for the unique stories behind the creation of the recipes. Yasemen relishes expanding her understanding of various cultures, paradigms - and especially unique tastebuds!

With a background in media, as a TV and radio broadcaster in Cyprus, Yasemen currently focusses on freelance journalism and Lemon Compendium is her first book.

She continues to travel, embracing new characters and scenarios along the way, whilst waiting for the next topic to inspire her and give birth to a brand new book or article for you to enjoy.

Priced at £25 the Lemon Compendium is available now. ISBN: Hardback ISBN 978 0 9574006 0 3

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