A Tattoo is for Christmas Not Just for Life at Blink

A Tattoo is for Christmas Not Just for Life at Blink

A controversial headline? Or a realistic play on words? How far would you go to promote your business?

If you owned a tattoo removal company and didn't have the desire to sport any of your own tattoos, would you have your business card tattooed onto your arm?Blink Laser removal

Amy Pearson did just that - and she will be removing her colourful tattoo using her own methods to prove just how certain she is that they work.

Not everyone who gets a tattoo wants to keep it for life. If you are unlucky enough to suffer from a misspelling then you will almost certainly want to get it corrected.

Some people simply change their minds and then have to go through the painful process of having the ink removed, somewhat unsuccessfully in a lot of cases.

For others they desire a change and want to blur out the edges of a previous inking to assist in covering it up with something new. And some people simply want a blank canvas back, to start again.

Tattoo removal is by no means painless, with many darker green colours being harder to vanquish and the cost involved per square inch is considerably more than the price you will have paid to have your tattoo.

But should you wish to have yours removed then Amy can certainly show you exactly how well her business works.

For more information and to read the 'science bit' visit www.blinklaser.co.uk

A Tattoo is for Christmas Not Just for Life at Blink

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