Cocktails and Barbecue with Spice Drops® this Summer

Cocktails and Barbecue with Spice Drops® this Summer

Congratulations to Josie Bicknell (Surrey).

You could be making more from your cocktails and barbecue with Spice Drops® this Summer. We are giving you the chance to win either the Spice Drops® Cocktail or Barbecue Spices Collection.

Revealed as a finalist in the World Food Innovation Awards for Best Ingredient Innovation, Spice Drops® is a 30-strong range of highly concentrated natural extracts of herbs and spices that can be used to add authentic taste and aroma to any recipe in just a few drops.

Cocktail Collection
Love to mix your own cocktails? Spice Drops® offers you the opportunity to create amazing combinations with unusual flavors, all in just a few drops! The Cocktail Collection contains the following extracts:

  • Ginger [Emulsifier – polysorbate 80 and ginger extract (45%).]
  • Lemongrass - Great Taste Award-winner (2 gold stars). [Lemongrass extract (50%) and emulsifier - polysorbate 80.]
  • Mint [Emulsifier - polysorbate 80 and spearmint oil (35%).]
  • Rose - Great Taste Award-winner (1 gold star). [Emulsifier – polysorbate 80, rose extract (17%), geranium extract, rhodinol, geraniol, and palmarosa extract.]
  • Add a drop of rose to a glass of lemonade or cardamom to mango juice. Let your creativity take over.

Spice Drops
Barbecue Spices Collection
Marinade the meat in paprika, grill the corn cobs with a hint of cumin seed, or create a delicious salad dressing, all with just a few drops – no messy ground spices blowing in the wind! The Barbecue Collection offers you these fantastic spice extracts:

  • Cumin Seed [Emulsifier - polysorbate 80 and cumin seed extract (35%).]
  • Paprika [Emulsifier - polysorbate 80 and paprika extract (40%).]
  • Red Chilli [Paprika extract (45%), Emulsifier - polysorbate 80 and red chilli extract (15%).]
  • Tikka Masala Spices [cinnamon extract, Emulsifier - polysorbate 80, ginger extract,Chilli extract, Garlic extract, clove bud extract and cumin seed extract.]

Spice Drops® are concentrated extracts that retain all the natural goodness and authentic taste of the herbs, fruits and flowers.

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Cocktails and Barbecue with Spice Drops® this Summer

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