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Every so often a product pops up on the radar - again and again - and we love to see emerging companies still growing a few years on from the first meet and greet. Well, Spice Drops® has certainly grown since we first met them a few years ago and when you see what their range covers, it is easy to see why.

A Christmas Cake As Good As Homemade

Over the past few years I have always tried to make my own Christmas cake. Firstly, it's a great thing to do on a really cold dark winters day as it turns your kitchen into a sweet, spicy and warm exotic location and I do really love a traditional fruit cake at Christmas - packed with dried fruits and nuts and with a hint of brandy too. It has become my Christmas therapy but I am lucky my family does appreciate it.

Start Your Day with Quoats

I am always on the look out for a different start to the day and breakfast is important to me and my family, but some days it gets boring or too time consuming. So. this week I have been trying Quoats over the past few mornings and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the speed in which they are ready, the taste and the flavours available.

Award Winning and Raw Swedish Chocolate Comes to the London

Next week at Olympia, the Speciality Fine Food Fair trade show will incorporate the Speciality Chocolate Show, bringing chocolatiers and chocolate makers from all over, in to London's Olympia from the 4th-6th September 2016. Two chocolate makers from Sweden,award-winning Malmö Chokladfabrik and raw chocolate makers Rawchokladfabriken are both joining the event, to showcase their chocolate selections.

Mustchup - the Grown-up Ketchup

When I recently came across 'Mustchup' (a combination of mustard and ketchup), I did have an initial giggle about the name. Really, mustard and ketchup? I have to say, I don't like mustard as a condiment - and this is a very strange combination in my mind - so I was not sure what to expect.

Little Bird Kefir

When it comes to milk most of us like it fresh and cold, so when we discovered kefir at this year's BBC Good Food Eat Well Show, we were a little hesitant to try, especially once we had discovered what it was made from. However, with a growing number of health benefits being promoted through kefir, we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at this new superfood!

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