Babelle Canelés Create Crowd Stopping Display at the BBC Good Food Show

Babelle Canelés Create Crowd Stopping Display at the BBC Good Food Show

Canelés are a traditional sweet delicacy from the Bordeaux region of France; delightful little 'cakes' that have a caramelised crust and a soft custard-like centre.Babelle Canelés

And Babelle is a London based company which specialises in the production of canelés, and whose stand at the BBC Good Food Show certainly put on an impressive display of these sweet treats.

Decked out on an array of different canelés, at times it was difficult to get close enough to taste the samples on offer, but when we did it was worth the wait. The crunchy exterior of each canelés hides a softer, set centre - which is light enough to allow an extra filling to be piped inside.

And when decorated with an assortment of different toppings the whole collection left many wanting more.

If you are expecting a rich moist sponge or dark fruit flavour then canelés may leave you a little at odds because the crunchy texture of the caramelised exterior breaks into an almost batter-like, central sponge that is light, yet firm.

On flavour, the canelés are not sugary sweet, leaning more to a crème caramel flavouring, and perfect for picking up any additional flavours that have been piped in.

We tried a variety of flavours, from lime through to chocolate coated. Not everyone was bitten by the canelé bug, with the unusual texture distracting them from the enclosed flavours, and the almost wax-like exterior producing more than a little raising of the brow. But for those that braved this unusual experience, the rewards were many. The selection box we brought home did not last long.

Babelle are now open for business online, and offer a variety of their canelés, freshly baked to order and delivered, to selected London areas.

Topped with a chocolate sauce and chocolate square, piped with a variety of sweet fillings and displayed in rows and tiers, the Babelle canelés are seriously seductive when on display.

Next time you see them at an event, be sure to wait for the crowd to clear and take a sample for yourself and buy a box to take home.

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Babelle Canelés Create Crowd Stopping Display at the BBC Good Food Show

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