Brighten Your Day, The Fudges' Way

Brighten Your Day, The Fudges' Way

Fudges was founded by Great, Great Granddad, Percy Fudge in Leigh, Dorset in 1926 and today, three generations down the line, Steve, Sue and Graham Fudge continue to preserve his legacy, adapting his award winning savoury and sweet biscuits, delicious luxury cakes and indulgent treats to suit today's discerning tastes.

Sue Fudge is one of the Directors of the business, but much more than that, she is a big part of the new product development team; she is out on the road meeting customers at shows and events and she lives and breathes the Fudges' way of life.

FudgesOne of Sue's favourite jobs is to read the applications to the 'Bank of Biscuits'. Anyone can apply to the 'Bank of Biscuits' if they feel someone they know deserves a treat or a little pick-me-up. All requests are read by Sue and the team and the best ones are then sent a little surprise in the post so that Fudges can 'Make the Day'.

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Sue and the Fudges' team are now working with the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) to identify five key locations to become Fudges' new 'Bicnicing' spots; places which have been chosen as great spots for sitting and enjoying a view, a good book, picnic or a biscuit or two!

These spots will be marked on a map on Fudges' website and in the future they hope that people will even nominate their own Bicnic spots. Known for its delicious cheese straws, wafers and flatbreads, Fudges has created a new Christmas nibble tin packed full of mini straws and flatbreads, perfect for Christmas Day, Boxing Day or any time nibbles!

The Christmas season is all about nibbling and our new tin is packed full of some of our favourite recipes, in small sizes, perfect for dunking in dips like salsas and hummus, scooping up pate or enjoying on their own. Our new tin is ideal for get-togethers of friends and family, midnight feasts or for evenings sat at home in front of the box – whatever the occasion, nibble away.

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Brighten Your Day, The Fudges' Way

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