Discover a New Taste of Indulgence with Philadelphia Duo Cremoso

Discover a New Taste of Indulgence with Philadelphia Duo Cremoso

We have probably all seen the adverts - or had a 'Philadelphia' moment at some point during conversation - but now, to turn the heat up a little on their cheesy creations, Philadelphia is bringing something new to the table this autumn with the launch of Duo Cremoso; a truly delicious cheese experience.Philadelphia Tomato

Wrapped in paper and ready to serve, diners are invited to slice through a creamy Philadelphia layer to reveal a delicate whipped core of specially selected flavour combinations. Available in three delicious varieties: Garlic and Fine Herbs, Vine Ripened Tomatoes and Cracked Peppercorn.

Surprisingly delicate but bursting with flavour, the latest addition to the Philadelphia range is perfect on its own or served with crackers for a night in with friends and family.

For us, the Vine Ripened Tomatoes made a perfect mix with fresh pasta. Simply slice a wedge and mix it in to warm, cooked pasta for a creamy coating.

If you want to get meaty, then either spread your steak or stuff your chicken breast with the Cracked Peppercorn cheesy creation. And for garlic bread fans, a baguette or French stick will make the ideal bed on which to spread the Garlic & Fine Herbs.

With all three flavours it is easy to get creative and explore new combinations. All the creamy taste you would expect from Philadelphia, with three flavour addition.

"After years of development, we've added another layer to one of the nation's favourite cream cheese, with this whipped flavoured core. Philadelphia Duo Cremoso provides the perfect excuse to share something indulgent with friends, and we're hugely excited to bring a delicious treat to the nation's cheese lovers."

Jennifer Spurr, Marketing Manager for Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Duo Cremoso range retails from around £2.49 and available nationwide. For more details on this indulgent new range visit or pick your flavour of choice in store and enjoy at home.

Discover a New Taste of Indulgence with Philadelphia Duo Cremoso

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