Fruit Melon: called the “fruit of paradise.”

Who among us does not know such a delicious fruit, like fruit Melon? It is very unusual and instrumental. In many lands, where it has grown since ancient times, the melon is called the “fruit of paradise.”

We use it with pleasure as a dessert and thank you for the fantastic taste and pleasant aroma. And it’s no secret to anyone how often this melon plant is. It is not always possible to buy and eat enough. But if you are at least a small country, it will not be challenging to grow this miracle.

The melon has an extensive range of varieties, and one of the best is the melon variety of the typical farmer.

Melon – description

Melon Carbohydrate farmer 749/753 is the most common variety among trucks and amateurs of this culture. This variety was re-established in 1943.

The typical farmer is a moderately mature variety, with a maturation period of 75 to 95 days. The fruits of this melon have a spherical shape in orange, and the shell is covered with a coarse mesh. The average fruit is up to one and a half kilos. The meat is dense, crunchy, juicy, sweet, and deliciously tasty.

Melon is not intended for long-term storage. But it has excellent taste properties and good transportation, which is the principal value of this variety. Although this is not all. The typical farmer is tolerant of low temperatures, and this is a relatively rare phenomenon for melons.

The growth of this variety can be both in greenhouses and in open ground. Melon ordinary farmer 749 753The planting system in the soil is 140×50 cm and in the greenhouse – 70×40 cm. The sign of development is a noticeable thinning of the peduncle, and the hair falls out.

 fruit of paradise melon

Melon growing in a greenhouse

To grow melons in a greenhouse, you need to plant plants in pots or special cassettes in advance for three seeds. Do this in early May, twenty days before you land in the greenhouse, which usually takes place in late May. Plant the plant in the ground to prevent damage to the roots; you need directly in the pots.

The basic information about growing is good lighting, medium humidity (melons do not like dehydration). In vegetation processing, approximately in the middle, it is generally necessary to stop watering and ensure good lighting. It is worthwhile to ventilate the greenhouse well and open it to the sun during this period, especially when the weather is clear.

If you cannot make a dry microwave oven during the growing season in your greenhouse, then you are advised that it is better not to start growing melons.

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