Gluten Free Bread from Newburn Bakehouse

Gluten Free Bread from Newburn Bakehouse

It is a long time since a loaf of bread has caused so much excitement here in the Your Source office. Not since the Fria Gluten-free Poppy Seed Rolls that our coeliac tester didn't believe were free-from. But today we are in heaven, bread heaven, with a Newburn Bakehouse Gluten-Free White Sourdough Artisan Cob.Sourdough Artisan Cob

Having given up on ever really finding a good (or even passable) loaf of gluten-free bread, we have found other ways to wrap our sandwich fillings, using large lettuce leaves. But today we are slicing thick luscious layers of bread to toast - completely free-from milk, gluten and wheat.

As most people who have to eat gluten-free will know, bread is a real issue. Trying to find something that actually tastes good, especially un-toasted, is near impossible in the mainstream shops. But the Newburn Sourdough Artisan Cob slices like a dream, is not full of large air pockets, and tastes just as good freshly sliced for a sandwich.

If you are looking to substitute your regular bread for something gluten-free then we can recommend the Newburn Bakehouse Sourdough Artisan Cob because it is what we use at home. It is not cheap at £3.50 a loaf, compared to the £1.50 gluten-filled options available in a similar style but as a treat it works. It freezes well and can be sliced frozen and defrosted for use a little at a time, or completely defrosted for regular fresh use.

There seems to be a wider choice in this range but not one we have found in our local supermarket yet. It will certainly be interesting to try the rest once we find out where they are stocked. Uncover the range at

"To keep my love of food alive, while trying to appease my intolerant system, I do my best to eat foods that will not upset my stomach on a regular basis, but make special exceptions and treats to keep an interest in creating new food flavours. I still don't eat a lot of bread, even when it is as tasty as this gluten-free option, simply because all the other ingredients that go in to it do really make me wonder what I am still subjecting my digestive tract to. On good days I prefer to stick to grass-fed meats, fresh vegetables and a small variety of fresh fruit. But let's face it, no one is a saint and if I continued to say how wonderful I was with my diet it would all get a bit boring and bland. That is why I am always looking for new things to try, and for the rest of the family who are not as intolerant as me! My rating for this bread is a 4/5 - with only the price letting it down on points."

Gluten Free Bread from Newburn Bakehouse

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