Jane Asher Silver Charms

Jane Asher Silver Charms

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The Source has teamed up with Jane Asher to offer our readers a great saving on their Christmas Set of 6 Sterling Silver Pudding Charms.

Recreate a Victorian tradition and delight guests of all ages with these lovely silver pudding charms.

The recipient of each charm will be blessed in the coming year.

Enjoy this tradition with much teasing and merry making!

These charms can be cooked inside a pudding. (Tip from Jane: wrap them in a small greaseproof envelope so they are more recognisable when people are eating).

Or you may prefer to hide them under each plate for your guests to find.

Measurement of each charm (with ring) 1.5cm.

You can order for a discount price of £23.00 per set of charms plus P&P instead of £25.95 plus p&p.

Order online direct from JaneAsher.com

Jane Asher Silver Charms

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