Make a Mediterranean Feast with new Olive Hill Farm Sausages

Make a Mediterranean Feast with new Olive Hill Farm Sausages

You can't beat a great British sausage, served with a pile of mashed potatoes and gorgeous gravy, But with sausages containing high amounts of fat it may be time to look for a leaner alternative.

Containing at least 30% less saturated fat than other premium pork sausages, Olive Hill Farm have managed to make great sausages that still contain 80% British pork.

This is due to a unique, award winning process which replaces the saturated fat with the finest extra virgin olive oil.

And with the Olive Hill Farm range you can give a new lease of life to the British banger and add some delicious Mediterranean flair to your summer entertaining menu.Olivehillfarm Feta

On first glance the sausage don't look any different from other good quality sausages, aside from the fact that they seem to be a little thicker skinned and reminiscent of the texture of a saveloy.

They cook easily on a racked tray in the oven and we immediately notice the lack of fat dropping down into the tray.

All the sausage were pricked to encourage any excess fat to spill out during cooking, yet out of the three packs we cooked we got a surprisingly small amount of oil left over in the oven tray.

All varieties have a solid texture to them, cut easily and hold their shape. There was minimal shrinkage during the cooking process and the pork only variety were great all round, on taste and texture.

The Pork & Chorizo Sausages, which were recently awarded the Overall Champion title in the 2012 Sausage of the Year Awards, are ideal if you like chorizo, and add a taste of the Mediterranean to any meal.

If you are feeling more adventurous then try the Greek Style Pork, Feta & Sundried Tomato variety. Not to everyone's taste but certainly a strong contender to the Pork & Chorizo flavour.

Olive Hill Farm sausages cook well, definitely contain less fat and make a tasty change to the pre-packed sausages readily available on the supermarket shelves.Olivehillfarm Chorizo

Compared to the sausages available from our local butchers they are smaller in size but more conservative on the amount of fat they contain, so if you are looking to cut back and change your diet but do not want to give up your weekly bangers 'n' mash then Olive Hill Farm have the sausages for you.

All three Olive Hill Farm Sausages are available from Ocado and retail for £2.99. The Olive Hill Farm Pork Sausage and Olive Hill Farm Pork & Chorizo Sausage will also be stocked in selected Asda stores.

Olive Hill Farm Sausages, from Scan Foods UK, are made using Red Tractor approved, fresh lean British pork shoulder. The revolutionary production process, owned and patented by Greek company Creta Farms, reduces the saturated fat content by at least 30% but retains the great taste and juicy texture that is lost in some 'lower fat' sausages on the market.

What's more, because they contain less saturated fat and water, these sausages don't shrink during the cooking process - amazingly they retain more than 96% of their original weight.

Make a Mediterranean Feast with new Olive Hill Farm Sausages

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