Mara Seaweed - the Superfood of the Sea

Mara Seaweed - the Superfood of the Sea

Mara's unique range of delicious seaweed seasonings are designed to "make your food taste better, makes you feel better" by using it as a healthy sea salt alternative and a natural flavour enhancer.

This seaweed seasoning make a unique Christmas present for the lover of Scottish produce - and are a far healthier option than whisky. Mara Seaweed Gift SetBut do they taste as good?

Opinions were divided when we sampled Mara Seaweed at the Spirit of Christmas Fair last weekend. While our anchovy-loving assistant editor was in heaven with the stronger salty taste of the sea, I personally would opt for my favourite sea salt instead. Unfortunately my sea salt doesn't boast quite the same essential vitamins and minerals that Mara Seaweed possesses. This really could be a new 'Marmite' scenario brewing with Mara lovers - or not!

Taking a traditional food source, Mara have transformed it into an easy to use seasoning for contemporary kitchens. Harvested seasonally from the clean, pure waters of their local shores in Scotland and dried naturally to capture their flavours and nutrients, the range uses six different species of local seaweeds.

Seaweed is organic, raw, gluten-free, vegetarian with an astonishing amount of essential minerals and vitamins, such as iodine, iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C, & E. Just a teaspoon a day can make a difference to your well being as well as the taste of your food.

Mara's core range of seaweeds are: -

  • Shony: Named after an ancient Hebridean sea god, our Great Taste award-winning, heavenly blend for everyday dishes. Liberally sprinkle on eggs, salads, pasta and rice. Use to coat chicken or fish. Delicious in baking
  • Dulse: Eating Dulse is an ancient tradition in Scots and Irish culture. A red seaweed that adds wonderfully smoky depths to red meat, and other iron-rich foods such as spinach and kale. Try spooned into homemade burgers or to coat lamb or salmon
  • Kombu: Pure umami - the fifth taste - meaning 'delicious'. This iodine rich, deep-water kelp is a smooth tasting natural flavour enhancer. Spoon into soups, sauces, stews or add to tomatoes and mushrooms.

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Mara Seaweed - the Superfood of the Sea

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