Mattessons Double Dippers Keep the Munchies at Bay

Mattessons Double Dippers Keep the Munchies at Bay

We are all guilty of snacking on less healthy food options, but when our snacking is a replacement for a proper meal, a naughty mid-week treat becomes an everyday staple. Mattessons Double DippersStudies show that one fifth of adults snack all day rather than eating three separate meals and the majority of workers would like to have healthier snack alternatives.

Mattessons Double Dippers are the snack designed for a modern, busy lifestyle. 100% chicken breast pieces combined with a dipping sauce and a crunchy crumb dip, adding a different texture to the dipped chicken snack.

An alternative to the sugary snacks, Mattessons Double Dippers are perfect mid afternoon 'munchies' which are high on protein and low on sugar.

Available in four varieties:

  • Classic - marinated chicken breast with a creamy ranch dip and toasted crumb crunch
  • Thai - marinated chicken breast with a sweet chilli dip and a toasted crumb crunch
  • Tikka - marinated chicken breast with a smooth mint yoghurt dip and a toasted crumb crunch
  • Italian - marinated chicken breast with a tomato & basil dip and a toasted crumb crunch

We tried three of their flavours: Classic, Tikka and Italian.

The Classic ranch dressing had a creamy, garlic flavour which would suit someone looking to try something new, whilst still being mild. The Tikka pot was a favourite for everyone that tried it. The tikka marinated chicken gave the whole snack a bit more of a kick, which was mellowed out when teamed with the cooling mint yoghurt. For the Italian we discovered this flavour was a not as popular a choice compared to the others but is definitely a familiar flavour.. The tomato sauce could have used a bit more basil to add some zing - however it was still tasty.

In an ideal world, we'd all eat a perfect diet with lots of the 'good stuff' and very little of the 'bad'. In reality, sticking to that is very difficult. For those who don't have the time to make a healthy snack like this for themselves, these Double Dippers are the perfect solution.

Eating a pack of these instead of a chocolate bar just three times a week would cut a person's sugar intake by nearly half a kilo (413g).

Retailing at £1.59 a pack, Double Dippers come in 4 flavours, Classic, Italian, Tikka and Thai. Now available at ASDA, Sainsburys and Tesco.

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