Mozart Distillerie Specialist Chocolate Collection

Mozart Distillerie Specialist Chocolate Collection

Mozart Distillerie, a family run business, has produced traditional Austrian spirits in Salzburg since 1954.

For the past 30 years they have specialised in the production of chocolate spirits and have become recognised as the experts in this field.

Mozart Gold
A milk chocolate cream liqueur, very creamy and full bodied; made from cream and the ingredients of gourmet chocolate. 17% ABV.
The raw materials for Mozart Gold are well traveled. The used cocoa is a mixture of the types Forastero (west Africa) and Trinitario (Carribean). Mozart GoldMozart Gold contains fresh cream, conched dark chocolate from Belgium, genuine Bourbon-vanilla from Madagaskar, crystal sugar, and pure sugar cane distillate.

The cocoa and the Bourbon vanilla are macerated in sugar cane alcohol. Dark chocolate, sugar, cocoa, and cream infused with cocoa butter are blended in exact order while different temperatures and blending techniques have to be observed. The different production temperatures and elaborate blending methods are crucuial for the taste and texture of the liqueur.

Mozart White
Awhite chocolate cream liqueur, the tender melting taste of white chocolate with cream, caramel and vanilla. 15% ABV.
Only the best raw materials are used for Mozart White. They are prepared elaborately for production. Mozart White contains fresh cream, precious cocoa butter, real Bourbon vanilla from Madagaskar, crystal sugar and pure distillate from sugar cane.

Fresh cream is skimmed and infused with cocoa butter. A lower fat content with longer shelf life is achieved. Real Bourbon vanilla is macerated in fine distillate from cane sugar. This macerate is then melted together with crystal sugar, caramel, cream and cane sugar distillate.

Mozart Black
Adark chocolate liqueur, the taste of fine dry and tart dark chocolate. 17% ABV.
The used cocoa is a special blend of the types Forastero (West Africa) and Trinitario (Caribbean). The vanilla used is real Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Mozart Black contains cocoa macerate, vanilla macerate, and sugar cane distillate.Mozart White

The cocoa and Bourbon vanilla are macerated for 30 days in sugarcane distillate. A certain part of the cocoa macerate is kept in oak barrels for two years to round of the taste. With chocolate spirits it is essential to macerate instead of conching as it takes a long time to extract the aromas.

Mozart Dry
Aclear chocolate spirit, 100% distilled from premium chocolate macerate. 40% ABV.
Reflecting the original XOCOLATL drink of the Aztecs rather than today's chocolate, Mozart Dry is directly gained from the untreated raw materials cacao and vanilla.

Based on a groundbreaking idea deriving from fundamental research in alcoholic beverages, a special distillation equipment was engineered. As a result from the sophisticated process, a crystal clear produce is won from pure chocolate macerate.

Mozart Winning Spirit Awards
Gold, Mozart White, Mozart Black - Silver Medal - IWSC 2010
Mozart Dry - Gold Medal - ISW 2010
Mozart White - Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2010

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Bottle size 50cl/70cl ABV Various

Mozart Distillerie Specialist Chocolate Collection

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