The Prohibition Throwback from Shrb Drinks

The Prohibition Throwback from Shrb Drinks

Apple cider vinegar has had a long run of being hailed as a miracle cure, a super drink, with amazing health benefits to be obtained from consuming it. However, it can also cause symptoms like sore throats and upset stomachs, due to such a high acid content.Shrb Drinks A quick read of WebMD will highlight the science behind it, together with the pros and cons.

If you are in the pro camp and want to avoid any adverse effects, we think you may be quite excited to discover Shrb Drinks and their 'Prohibition Soda'. Available in four flavours: Original, Lime Juniper, Apple Cinnamon, and Orange Ginger, the sodas are hand-brewed, non-alcoholic, and low-low sugar. We tried Shrb sodas last month at Olympia where we met their creator Mustafa, and his delightful daughter Mariam, who introduced us to the range.

"Inspired by Prohibition-era shrub making, our ingredients are steeped in apple cider vinegar for two whole days to capture the raw flavours. Adding spring water and a light touch of fizz creates the perfect soda, lightly sweet with subtle flavours, and that famous 'Prohibition' kick at the end."

Personally, I am not keen on cider vinegar, and when I have previously tried it for any length of time I found it caused an adverse effect on my stomach. However, I was also informed that I should drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Mustafa kindly corrected this mis-information and suggested that apple cider vinegar is better taken with or after food.

So after a day of nibbling on many new foods during the Speciality Fine Foods Fair I have to say, the Shrb sodas I sampled were not only refreshing, my stomach felt slightly more settled after trying them than it had when I first arrived at the Shrb stand.

The taste is key to any drink, and regardless of any health benefits, I personally feel that you really do need to like what you are drinking. Shrb sodas feel like grown-up drinks, have a good kick to them and would make a great substitute as a non-alcoholic drink. And if it has a few health benefits along the way, then their great taste is for us!

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The Prohibition Throwback from Shrb Drinks

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