Real Hot Chocolate at Home with the Kokoa Collection

Real Hot Chocolate at Home with the Kokoa Collection

The Kokoa Collection is an award winning hot chocolate, that up until recent months was only available to buy in coffee shops.

Having sourced the best cocoa beans from around the world, so you can choose your favourite, the Kokoa Collection is now available to order online for you to make at home.

On starting the Kokoa Collection, Paul Eagles told us:

“I researched the hot chocolate market specifically and found the concept and quality of chocolate that I required… before working with an artisan Chocolaterie in France, to prepare portion tablets of chocolate that have good flavours for hot chocolate due to the origins of the cocoa and also the percentage ratios of cocoa to sugar.

A cup of heavenly hot chocolate made from real chocolate and sourced from single origins, in varying cocoa contents – from white through to the darkest, Madagascar 82%.

Retail is quite a new area for Kokoa and whilst the products are still in limited supply, they should be available through Ocado next month.

For us, if it means an end to the low grade chocolate powder that many associate with regular hot chocolate, then we are ready for better. Real chocolate makes real hot chocolate. Insist on the best!

Our sample box contained five different hot chocolate tablets, with enough chocolate to make two servings of each variation. We had some fun in the kitchen and chose this product to launch our video reviews.

Smooth 58% – Venezuela
We are by no means chocolate experts but if loving good quality chocolate is a qualification then we are qualified to say that this Smooth selection is quite different from what we would expect, but a cracking cup of real hot chocolate! It is lighter than the other samples on offer, with almost a berry/fruity edge which affords it to be stand alone sweet, without the addition of added sugar or sweeteners.

Classic 70% cocoa – Ecuador
The Classic is exactly what we were expecting; surprisingly smoother than the smooth, mid-sweet on flavour and perfect for making a hot mug of chocolate. Nothing too complex and no hidden after-hints of something unexpected. Just Classic hot chocolate at its best. If you like it with sugar it will work, as will a cream topping. For us, we had it on its own.

Dark 75% – Haiti
With the Haiti we could tell we had stepped over the line and were approaching the dark side. A hint of bitter-sweet and that unmistakeable note of a good quality dark chocolate. This will work well for plain chocolate lovers who are already familiar with a higher percent, but will also be the perfect first step for anyone wanting to dip their toes into something a little stronger.

Darkest 82% – Madagascar
Because the darkest is 82% we would have expected a hit of bitterness and strength, that we were pleasantly surprised didn’t exist. The flavour was completely different to the Dark but equally as intense. It manages to retain an unexpected sweetness while still bringing home an deep, smooth chocolate.

White – Ivory Coast
White chocolate in a mug had to be the real eye-opener for us and one we were not expecting to see in the collection. White chocolate can be so creamy and making it into a drinkable form is possibly a step too far – unless you are Paul Eagles. A sweet and creamy chocolate with a host of vanilla flowing through, that manages to retain an exact level of sweetness without becoming overly so. Think somewhere between Horlicks and a Milky Bar but with a clean sweep across your palate.

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