The Real Taste Of Liquorice

The Real Taste Of Liquorice

Try this all-natural sweet treat for delicious snacks on the go! When you want a sweet treat it's always good to know there's a healthy option close to hand.

Liquorice, used not only in confectionery and ice-cream, but also in health-giving teas, is part of the pea family and a clue to its taste is found in its botanical name.Liquorice

Glycyrrhiza glabra

This means 'sweet root' in ancient Greek and cultures throughout the world have been enjoying Liquorice's aromatic flavour for centuries.

Panda has been producing the world's leading premium quality, fresh liquorice with real liquorice root extract since 1927.

You can now enjoy Panda Licorice in 12 mouth-wateringly delicious products - from the original bars, to banana or strawberry-filled pieces, and baby licorice bears for the kids.

They are all made with natural ingredients and contain no additives, colourings, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.

They're also free from animal products, making them ideal for vegetarians.

Even better, most of the range is fat free making it perfect for your healthy eating regime.

Panda liquorice is available in the following formats: -

  • Single Snack Bars - great for on-the-go healthy snacks.
  • Multipacks - four bars in one great pack.
  • Bags - ideal for sharng with friends or family.

The secret of the unique Panda flavour lies in using just four ingredients - molasses syrup, wheat flour, liquorice extract and aniseed oil - and using traditional cooking methods to ensure an authentic taste.

Lic Rasp Bars GroupNew Blueberry and Cherry liquorice flavours are the latest sensational additions to the Panda range - launched by popular consumer demand.

Since they are free from artificial ingredients and cooked in such a flavour-enhancing way, it is easy to see why everyone loves Panda.

Panda Liquorice is the perfect, healthy, guilt-free snack and Panda's 'no-nasties' policy makes it the ideal treat for health-conscious food lovers everywhere.

What's more, liquorice root is renowned for relaxing the body and reducing stress - so, go on, treat yourself to some delicious Panda products and chill out to the real taste of liquorice.

Available at Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Booths, Co-op, Holland and Barrett, Julian Graves and all good independant health food stores.

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The Real Taste Of Liquorice

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