Start Your Day with Quoats

Start Your Day with Quoats

I am always on the look out for a different start to the day and breakfast is important to me and my family, but some days it gets boring or too time consuming. So. this week I have been trying Quoats - and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the speed in which they are ready, the taste and the flavours available.

I generally keep myself and the family clear of breakfast cereals. I know they are quick but they certainly are not always a healthy start to the day. Yet, as the weather has cooled down it can be a challenge to find a 'family friendly' breakfast on the go. Mornings are so rushed there hardly seems time to drink a mug of tea while its hot!

I have always encouraged porridge for breakfast. I was brought up knowing that the hot cereal was rich in fibre, was high in protein and helped stabilise your blood sugar. Slow releasing carbohydrates throughout the morning always good for school, work and an exercise class.

Porridge has always been a bit of a 'faff' to make. I have shown my teenage daughter how to make it on numerous occasions (as she likes to fend for herself in the mornings) but getting a saucepan out and standing stirring is not really her thing. However the family generally have been impressed with 'porridge on the go'. There are quite a few different versions and companies that offer this type of product - with simple instructions; just add hot water, stir, wait and eat...

There a few companies offering these snack pot oats now in larger supermarkets but the local supermarkets I shop in only seem to offer Quaker - Oat So Simple Porridge Pots in all different flavours. You can image how happy I was then to discover Quoats. Recently founded by Jen and Rob, Quoats started because Jen couldn't find a healthy breakfast to eat on the go. Rob, a farmer from Yorkshire, suggested using British quinoa, oats and flax to create a healthy, convenient porridge pot. Quoats are a natural source of protein and fibre with no added sugar, making them a delicious and healthier start to the day.

I really like the combination of quinoa, oats and flax seeds as it makes for a nutritious yet hearty breakfast - filling you up till at least lunchtime. The packaging is simple but with a story: Oats are British, Flax is grown in West Sussex and Quinoa is grown in Essex.

I don't commute on a regular basis but for anyone who does these pots are perfect. You open the lid, stir ingredients, add boiling water to the line on the inside of the pot, stir, replace lid and wait for three minutes, stir again and enjoy!

Available in Original, Coconut & Raspberry, and Date & Pecan. I like the fact that Quoats have used naturally sweet fruit such as dates combined with the nuts. It's a warming little bowl of comfort food to make at home - and by the time you have caught the train or bus you can sit back and enjoy your porridge, ready to eat!

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