Venice Bakery 'Free From' Food Launches in the UK

Venice Bakery 'Free From' Food Launches in the UK

Currently when consumers dine at local restaurants and large chains they often encounter problems when they ask for details of whether some foods contains allergens or not, as items are bought in bulk and are not labelled in detail as they are for food products in supermarkets.

With the new EU Food Information Regulations (FIR) 1169 / 2011, which come into force on 13th December 2014, covering allergen labelling and provision across all stages of the food supply chain, the new legislation means restaurants will need to be prepared to comply with the law, which includes being able to provide allergy information to all customers upon request.Venice Bakery 2013

The launch of Venice Bakery UK in Britain provides a great opportunity for restaurants to attract more diners and comply with this new legislation.

There are 14 common food allergens which will need to be clearly identified on menus and packaging under the new law. Or alternatively staff will need to be able to provide verbal information on the allergen contents of each food dish that is served to a customer.

Venice Bakery UK helps make adapting to this change simpler as their products are already free of the common allergens that many diners need to avoid.

The company has already received a warm reception from consumers at the Allergy & Free From Show London earlier in the year. Their pizzas were a massive hit, being suitable for Vegans and Coeliacs.

A great benefits of Venice Bakery UK's pizza bases and flatbreads is that they are made in a dedicated gluten free facility, which fully complies with EU regulations regarding gluten free products. Venice Bakery UK has accreditation for their bases from Coeliac UK, the national charity for people with disease Coeliac Disease, as they are committed to offering their Coeliac and gluten intolerant customers peace of mind. They are also accredited by the Vegetarian Society.

We're delighted to launch Venice Bakery Gluten Free & Dairy Free pizza bases in the UK at The Restaurant Show. An estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy, yet many food businesses have little knowledge or expertise in this area. And we know that many restaurants, bars and hotels are keen to cater for people with intolerances & allergies but often struggle to find quality products that taste as good as mainstream items.

Our pizzas & flatbreads took seven years to develop and have been praised by Vegan & Coeliac bloggers in the USA and UK. Our products provide an opportunity for food service companies to drive more footfall into their companies and at the same time help them comply with the new EU food labelling legislation. We're delighted to bring extra freedom and choice to the 'Free From' community and help make life simpler for Food Service companies.

Adam Martyn, the Managing Director of Venice Bakery UK

This launch will help to remove the isolation that many people with dietary requirements feel when dining together in social occasion as they’re often excluded from eating mainstream foods that the rest of their family and friends can.

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Venice Bakery 'Free From' Food Launches in the UK

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