Curry Battle to go to the Wire as Teams are Announced

Curry Battle to go to the Wire as Teams are Announced

2012 has already seen gargantuan Olympic efforts from people throughout Britain and it seems that they are applying no less an effort to the battle for the 10th competition for the title of Curry Capital of Britain.

Run as part of 15th National Curry Week (8th-14th October), the event is lead sponsored by Patak's and takeaway specialists and is an exhaustive event running from April to October involving restaurants, the curry-loving public and local councils.

Last year Bradford were presented with the title for a second time by Anjali Pathak of Patak's, impressing the judges with their teamwork and educational commitment.

Four-times winners Glasgow, however, see the title as theirs by right and want it back whilst Wolverhampton, Leicester, Birmingham and Manchester are also making a strong showing.

Yet again we have been inundated with public votes for restaurants. We still have the judging and council submission stages to go, but it seems that battle will go right down to the wire.

Peter Grove, Organiser and Founder

Last year National Curry Week even trended on Twitter led by pop star Bruno Mars and with just five weeks to go the 2012 event promises to be another exciting one.

After 5 months of voting, the restaurant teams to represent each city are now announced. There is no team from Luton as the council has decided not to support the event and London East has been disqualified due to the impossible confusion in voting caused by Brick Lane's claims to be "Curry Capital" during the Olympic Games.

The teams for 2012: -

  • Glasgow : Neelim, Koolba, Mother India, Mr Singh's
  • Bradford : Shimla Spice, Aagrah Shipley, Zouk, Akbars
  • Wolverhampton : Café Rickshaw, Bilash, Red Fort, Massala Club
  • Birmingham : Saffron, Lasan, Maharajah, Asha's
  • Leicester : Leeja Palace, Anjuna, Mem Saab, Curry Fever
  • Manchester : EastzEast Riverside, Moon, Zaika, Imli
  • Newcastle : Dubbawal, Khan’s, Vujon, Sachins
  • Sheffield : Kasmiri Aroma, Cutlers Spice, Everest, Saffron Club
  • Liverpool, EastzEast, Spiceways, Gulshan, Sultans Palace
  • Leeds : Sheesh Mahal, Anaans, Spice Quarter, Akbars
  • Cardiff : Moksh, Mango House, Purple Poppadom, Mowgli's
  • Edinburgh : Britannia Spice, Radhani, Spice Pavilion, Suruchi
  • Northampton : Mem-Saab, LaZeez, Tamarind, Imperial Raj
  • Nottingham : Curry Lounge, The Cumin, Lime, Bridge & Bay Leaf
  • London North : Masala Zone, Eriki, Namaaste Kitchen, Zeen
  • London South : Ma Goa, Babur, Everest Inn, Nazmins
  • London West : Brilliant, Madhus, Five Hot Chillies, Indian Zing
  • London Central : Chakra, Trishna, Moti Mahal, Tamarind

Curry Capital of Britain Awards 2012

The Curry Capital of Britain awards for 2012 are here and hungryhouse will be providing you with ring-side tickets to the hotly contested competition. This year, for the first time, hungryhouse will be an official sponsor of the awards, once again demonstrating our passion and commitment to the Indian food industry in Britain.

Here's your chance to vote for the city that you think deserves to be crowned with this year's Curry Capital crown.

Your vote will be officially counted in the voting process and could make the all important difference so choose wisely!

Vote Now!

Curry Battle to go to the Wire as Teams are Announced

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