The Reincarnation of the Decaffei-nation

The Reincarnation of the Decaffei-nation

As a dedicated decaf drinker, when a packet of 'real' decaffeinated coffee landed on my desk I simply had to dust off the cafetière and give it a go. And from what I sampled it would seem that decaf's moment has finally arrived - with the launch of The Decadent Decaf Coffee Company.Decadent Decaf Coffee Co

The Decadent Decaf Coffee Company's aim is to reincarnate decaf and spill the beans about why the nation should wake up to this delicious healthy coffee - whether you are a caffeine lover or decaf devotee. We put the Decadent Decaf Coffee Co's Kenya AA Swiss Water Decaf Cafetière/Filter Grind (strength 3) to the test:

"Immediately the aroma crashes out of the packet the instant it is opened. This is a serious smell of quality coffee and on that alone we are sold. Finally a decaf with distinction - one that smells like freshly ground coffee grinds and gives an instant lift. If you are a decaf drinker and have missed this aroma from your regular fix then you are in for a real treat.

But coffee is not just about the aroma and we want to know that what we are getting in the cup is the real deal - even without the caffeine. The Decadent Decaf Coffee Co certainly deliver on taste too. We like our coffee really strong but for a mid-way strength value the Kenya AA holds its own, delivering a clean flavour and a real coffee taste. Personally I would go for something a little stronger.

In all honesty, while writing this review, I am sitting with the open packet on my desk, inhaling the aroma like a long lost love!"

Sue - Your Source Today

By taking the highest quality single origin coffees, which are gently decaffeinated using the premium Swiss Water Process (leaving the coffee flavours in the bean before being slowly flame roasted in small batches), The Decadent Decaf Coffee Company has created a much awaited gourmet decaf range which includes:

  • Signature Espresso Blend (£6.99) - Combining beans from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Rwanda, this flavourful coffee produces a creamy and rich cup, silky mouth feel and soft cocoa notes
  • Indonesia Sumatra Mandehling (£6.99) - Once lost to the jungles of Sumatra, it took almost 100 years for this Arabica varietal to be rediscovered. This is a serious coffee known for its deep, brown sugar body, smooth cocoa finish and intense aroma for those who like a strong cup of coffee
  • Costa Rica Strictly Hard Bean (£6.99) - An Arabica coffee selected from quality coffees grown above 1200 metres in Tarazzu, Costa Rica. This winning combination of altitude, climate and variety produces a famous all-rounder including a crisp and clean aromatic cup, a balanced body with subtle chocolate and nutty tones suitable for all brewing methods
  • Ethiopia Sidamo (£7.99) - Named after the Sidamo province of Southern Ethiopia, famous for the fertile highlands south of Lake Awasa, the result is smallish Arabica beans bursting with flavour. Ethiopia Sidamo is renowned for its bright lemon and citrus notes but expect a honeysuckle aroma and a delicate finish with hints of green tea
  • Kenya AA (£7.99) - Kenya AA’s two annual harvests yield a coffee with exceptional brightness and a rich wine-like cup with hints of currants in a balanced, medium bodied Arabica coffee. This is very much a vibrant coffee that lights up the palate and pleasantly lingers in the mouth

"For too long, decaffeinated coffee has long been the ugly sister of the coffee world - uncared for and neglected - and for good reason. The old school decaf processes were expensive and tended to damage many flavour compounds that contributed to the sensory character of roasted coffee resulting in weak, insipid, bitter coffee. Secondly, roasteries traditionally used the cheapest grades of coffees to lower prices. Therefore if you put bad coffee in, you'll get bad coffee out. But times have changed and decaf technology has changed. The decaf moment has finally come and is finally here to stay! Our decafs are all about high quality single origin beans and artisan good taste."

Guy Wilmot, founder of The Decadent Decaf Coffee Company

Why Decant to Decaf?

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  • Great tasting single origin decaffeinated coffees - you won't notice the difference between caffeinated and decaf
  • Less anxiety/stress and better quality of sleep than drinking classic caffeinated coffee
  • Can help preserve brain function
  • Contains high levels of anti-oxidants that can prevent conditions associated with the ageing process and cancer
  • A great source of hydration. The old myth of coffee being a diuretic is yet another old misnomer that has been proven wrong by scientists

Many thanks to the Decadent Decaffeinated Coffee Co for the sample. For the full range visit

The Reincarnation of the Decaffei-nation

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