Why Walking Holidays Work

For many, a holiday is time to relax, to sit and read, eat delicious food, drink a little more than usual and sleep a whole lot longer. But if you want to discover more from your holiday and come back a little fitter, without the additional excess baggage many of us collect while away, then a walking holiday could be the answer.

Beating Bad Breath with CB12

It is not often that we stop to write about a 'research study' - especially when it is completed by a product company to promote a specific product they supply. But when a bottle of CB12 mouthwash landed on the desk we thought the least we should do is give it a try.

Sufferers Plea To Be Taken Seriously

Allergy affects an estimated one in four of the population in the UK at some time in their lives. Despite awareness and support rising steadily, the misconceptions surrounding allergies still remain.

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