Enlightenment and Healing at the OM Yoga Show London

Enlightenment and Healing at the OM Yoga Show London

Discover yourself and find out how yoga can help you battle addiction, change your lifestyle and help you to achieve the 'feel good' factor at the OM Yoga Show - Olympia London - this October.

Uncover the story of Jessica Brooks, a former marketing manager who left the rat race behind for the Himalayas and began clearing rubbish from an Indian valley - and Jo De Rosa, who draws on her own personal experiences to use the positive power of yoga and meditation in helping to overcome addictions.

From the Rat Race to the Himalayas

After years spent building a successful career, Jessica Brookes took time out to explore the world, and found more than she was expecting when she began to clear rubbish from an Indian valley. In 2011, Jessica Brookes decided to take a creative sabbatical, leaving behind her job as a successful marketing manager to live with nuns, study with yogis, and live out of her bag across the world for three years.Jessica Brookes

In March 2012, Jessica started a project designed to save an area of natural beauty from being destroyed by waste products. The Parvatti Valley is a stunning area in the Indian Himalayas, but during her time there, Jessica noticed that there was no infrastructure designed to deal with waste. The river was being used instead, with much rubbish being thrown in, or burnt, as a means of disposal.

Jessica and a group of volunteers decided to work towards creating awareness within the community to try and combat the problem. The project ran throughout the summer period, with a fun education programme, graffiti messages and festival stands designed to make people more aware of the consequences of throwing rubbish into the river.

"We demonstrated, with a little heart and effort, we can create change. All it takes is for one to be true and put their words into action."

Jessica believes that through the act of helping a community clear rubbish, she learnt so much more, and she will sharing her experiences with visitors to the Om Yoga Show, taking place at Olympia on 24th, 25th and 26th October 2014. Lecture Details Room: Open Lecture Area Time: Sunday 26th October 2014 | 1.00pm - 1.30pm
Cost: FREE

Yoga for Addictions with Jo De Rosa

Discover how yoga can help you battle addiction with Jo De Rosa. Drawing on her own personal experiences, Jo De Rosa is using the positive power of yoga and meditation to abolish the negative addictions that threaten our wellbeing. Jo De RosaRealising that she was addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, Jo finally decided that something had to change, and although she made a couple of false starts, she finally found herself in a position to make a positive change.

"It is hard when you are caught up in the middle of an addiction to see how it could be on the other side. There are certain tools that have helped me tremendously which I wish to share with others who are keen to be free also. My life is in service to those ready to take the first steps out of addiction. I have no regrets, as I believe all that I have been through is for a reason, and I now have a direct experience of addiction, which I use as a foundation to help others.

Jo's programme at the Inner Guidance Holistic Retreat Centre has been carefully structured to support and empower, with emphasis on nutrition, coaching, fasting and supplementation as well as daily yoga and meditation classes. Jo will be bringing her expertise to the OM Yoga Show, showing people that once they make the decision to battle their addictions, yoga can be a positive force in helping them to do so.

Visitors to the show can visit Jo at her stand, where she will be sharing details of her retreat centre, and can also see her demonstrate some of the techniques she uses during her free Open Class. Jo is committed to helping people in a similar position to the one in which she found herself for many years, using the methods and tools that helped her.

Class details: Room: Open Class 2 Time: Sunday 26th October 2014 | 1.45pm - 2.15pm Cost: FREE Suitable for All Levels

For more information visit www.omyogashow.com

Enlightenment and Healing at the OM Yoga Show London

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