Preparing for the Start of Term with Students Kitchen Devils and Fiskars Kids Scissors

Preparing for the Start of Term with Students Kitchen Devils and Fiskars Kids Scissors

Whether they are starting out in their first year of school or branching out to stay in residence at university, as parents we still want to make sure our children (and young adults) are well equipped for the road ahead.

Now Fiskars have some of the basics covered with their Kitchen Devils range for first time cooks - and kids scissors for the younger ones that will feed their imagination.
Kitchen Devil Starter Set

Students Kitchen Devils

Devilishly Good Tip - go to Uni with at least two recipes you can confidently cook!

If starting University means you'll be cooking for the first time it pays to do a bit of preparation before you go. Kitchen Devils knives have been sent off to Uni with freshers for over 40 years because when it comes to quality, reliability and value for money, you simply can't beat a Kitchen Devils knife.

Before you leave try and get the right utensils together and learn a few recipes – the housemate who can cook is always popular! It won't take long to master a few meals and impress your friends.

When it comes to knives, the Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Starter Set will provide everything you need to prepare a tasty breakfast to a late night snack. There's a Bread/Carving knife - this dual purpose knife can be used for slicing bread and meat and has a useful fork tip too; the Multi-Purpose Knife can be used for just about anything - chopping fruit, vegetables and meat; and finally, the Paring Knife is a handy little knife for peeling, slicing and dicing.

Kitchen Devils knives are super sharp, dishwasher safe and have a 10 year guarantee.

The Kitchen Devils range is available at: Asda, Lakeland, Argos, Morrisons and independent kitchen and hardware stores throughout the UK or go to

Feed Their Imagination with Fiskars Kids Scissors

This buzzy little bee and his Fiskars friends will help children create some animal magic during the summer holidays and at just £2.99 a pair you can splash out on the full set.Fiskars Kids Collection

Fiskars bright and colourful Kids Animal Scissors have been specially made to fit younger hands, giving them total control when creating their very own masterpieces. Created to help young children learn how to cut properly these safe blunt-tip scissors are available in 4 designs - Frog, Bee, Fish and Snail.

Let their imaginations run wild this summer with Fiskars Animal Scissors. Fiskars scissors are available in: Hobbycraft, The Range and independent craft shops around the UK

Preparing for the Start of Term with Students Kitchen Devils and Fiskars Kids Scissors

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