The YorkTest Worked For Us

The YorkTest Worked For Us

Are you dealing with digestive discomfort?

Could you have a food intolerance?

Read this collection of case studies to discover how some people have identified their intolerances and what they have done to ease their symptoms.


Amanda Bell

Age: 33 - Location: Vauxhall
Amanda has a busy lifestyle as a project manger but found that high levels of fatigue and constant bloating and stomach discomfort were really getting her down. The results of the YorkTest revealed she had intolerances to dairy, eggs, wheat and gluten. The aftercare advice from the YorkTest nutritionists really helped her set out a sensible diet plan that she could follow and she has since lost weight, regained her energy and is feeling great.

Lorraine Wood

Age: 40 - Location: Hampshire
Lorraine discovered YorkTest because her doctor considered food intolerance to be a possible contributor to her arthritis. She also suffered from stomach discomfort and other classic symptoms of food intolerance. After discovering she was intolerant to dairy, she cut it from her diet and is feeling much more comfortable and in control of her condition.

Alexander Slater

Age: 29 - Location: London
Working as a model, Alexander had found her skin problems a real worry. With auditions and photo shoots to attend, she never expected to be getting acne outbreaks in her 20’s and had battled through various prescription medications from the GP to help manage the problem. After trying topical and oral medication, eating a healthy diet and taking contraceptive medication to see if it helped, she was still having terrible outbreaks, which caused her to suffer with anxiety and lack of confidence. Alexander read about the link between lactose and skin condition and decided to take a test. Her results proved that lactose and cheese was a problem. She cut this out her diet and swapped to nut milk (which she said is high in calcium) and avoided cheese, choosing chicken or fish. Her skin cleared up within 8 weeks and she found her occasional eczema on her arms also stayed away.

Ellie Bancroft

Age: 25 - Location: Brighton
For the last 7 years Ellie suffered from chronic tiredness and constant bloating, even though as a keen cheerleader she lead an active life. She also suffered from severe headaches that affected her concentration. After blood tests for anaemia and thyroid problems failed to provide any answers, Ellie decided to take matters into her own hands and took a YorkTest. Within a week the results came back revealing she had an intolerance to wheat, yeast and cows milk. Ellie was initially worried about how she would be able to cope without these in her diet, but with the help of the YorkTest nutritionists has managed to successfully make the changes. She no longer suffers from headaches and has found that her energy levels have rocketed!

The YorkTest Worked For Us

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