Add a Touch of Greece to Your Summer Menu with Gaea

Said to be one of the healthiest, many people extol the virtues of eating a Mediterranean diet, which is largely based on vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, olive oil and fish. And with Greece set to be one of the most popular holiday destinations this summer, following an 11% rise in the number of visitors from the UK in 2013, Greek speciality foods producer Gaea has created a hat trick of recipes using its authentic tapenades and top quality Greek olive oils to get sun seekers into the Greek holiday mood.

  • 10/08/2014

Introducing a New Revolution in Cooking with the Wonderbag

Occasionally something comes along that simply stuns us. Something so ingenious, or outstandingly simple, ethical, usable or just plain brilliant. For us, the Wonderbag is all of this, and more. The Wonderbag was created in South Africa for Africans. It has created 2000 jobs and 600,000 are in homes being used. It saves time money and fuel and because it works it is used. Because it is used, it works both for the environment and for our health.

  • 07/08/2014

Free-From Extends to Cosmetics and SkinCare

When it comes to being free-from, it is important to remember to carry this over into your cosmetics and skincare products too - as many ingredients are still absorbed into the body through the skin - and can cause irritation even when you don't 'eat' them orally. Last months Free-From Skin Care Awards brought to light some great companies who are available to help you negotiate the cosmetic and skin care minefield in a free-from way!

  • 04/08/2014

Could Standing at Your Desk Improve Your Health and Wellbeing?

Our yoga teacher is always extolling the virtues of the standing desk. Not a session goes by without a reference to the benefits of not spending the day sitting crooked on a chair - but simply standing to work without effort or strain. But could a standing desk really be the answer for many office workers? Nick Scott White, MD of was able to demonstrate to us exactly how the standing desk could help when we met at the Back Pain show, Olympia.

  • 21/07/2014

Why Are We All Avoiding Gluten?

Yesterday both the Daily Mail and Telegraph ran long articles on the stratospheric growth in the gluten free food market. Michelle Berriedale Johnson, editor of the largest global resource for food intolerance and freefrom foods - and director of the FreeFrom Food and FreeFrom Eating Out Awards, has two suggestions.

  • 16/07/2014

Preparing for the Start of Term with Students Kitchen Devils and Fiskars Kids Scissors

Whether they are starting out in their first year of school or branching out to stay in residence at university, as parents we still want to make sure our children (and young adults) are well equipped for the road ahead. Now Fiskars have some of the basics covered with their Kitchen Devils range for first time cooks - and kids scissors for the younger ones that will feed their imagination.

  • 09/07/2014

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