The Blondettes at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012

The Blondettes at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012

An evening with three blondes and a mic - the perfect after dinner entertainment!

The Blondettes are one of London's hottest new music acts, combining superb vocals with inventive close-harmony arrangements - and, of course, their signature blonde tresses.

Drawing inspiration from the queens of the golden age of swing and boogie-woogie, The Andrews Sisters, the girls bring a fresh sound and a jazz twist to modern pop classics ranging from Abba to Adele, The Beatles to Beyonce, and much more besides.

Akin to The Puppini Sisters but with a distinctive sound of their own, The Blondettes perform stunning, swinging, 1940s re-imaginings of songs that the audience recognise and love. They combine these brand new musical interpretations with slick choreography, killer heels, and their unique charisma and charm.

Accompanying the lovely ladies are the boys in the band; a small jazz set-up consisting of guitar, double bass and drums.

Much more than instrumental backing, all three are exceptionally talented jazz musicians, as their complex arrangements and improvisational solos testify.

The first-class musicianship of the band and singers combined guarantees outstanding performances as well as poise, professionalism and a lot of fun.

With no fewer than 14 Fringe runs between them, as well as national and international tours, TV appearances and numerous recordings, this really is a class act not to be missed.

The group is newly formed by alumni of jazz a capella group The Oxford Gargoyles, who have enjoyed many years of highly successful sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Having now graduated from Oxford University, Alice, Freya and Woody are launching this new music sensation in Edinburgh with a view to continuing to perform in and around London.

For more information and to book performance tickets visit The Ediburgh Fringe.

The Blondettes at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012

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