Celebrity Moonwalkers come Prepared with Shewee

Celebrity Moonwalkers come Prepared with Shewee

It was Shewee Ltd's 1st year of officially supporting MoonWalk London 2012 and over 60% of moonwalkers came prepared with a Shewee at the ready, including Jennifer Saunders' and Emma Kennedy's celebrity teams.

The award winning portable urinating device allows women to urinate whilst standing and without removing clothes and is ideal for outdoor events such as MoonWalk where toilet facilities are absent or less than desirable.

With uncomfortable squatting, unhygienic toilets and embarrassing bare bottoms officially a thing of the past, Shewee has shown thousands of women all over the world what they've been missing!

Walk the Walk explains that toilets are approximately every 3 miles on the MoonWalk route, but not everywhere will allow Jennifer Saunders Sheweetoilets to be placed.

As weeing in the street is not allowed, many moonwalkers carried a Shewee and Peebol Absorbent Pouches. They used their Shewee in the portable toilets which made it quicker for everyone and far more hygienic, and kept their Peebols for emergencies.

Even celebrities made sure they had a Shewee handy!

Shewee sponsored two celebrity teams lead by Jennifer Saunders and Emma Kennedy. Jennifer Saunders can be seen with her Shewee in her pocket!

The two celebrity teams included celebs such as Jane Horrocks, Tanya Byron, Miranda Richardson, Sally Phillips, Rosy Cavaliero, Suzy Aitcheson, Emma Kennedy, Anneka Rice, Frances Barber, Katy Brand, Jane Moore, Kirstie Allsopp, Penny Smith, Josie Lawrence, Andrea McLean and many more who all made sure to carry a Shewee with them on the walk.

With MoonWalk Edinburgh and MoonWalk Iceland coming soon, be prepared and make sure you buy Shewee and Peebols before the event from www.walkwear.org.

Why Shewee?

It struck me how much easier it was for a guy to go to the toilet in a place where there were no facilities or nowhere to squat behind, so I came up with a way of effectively urinating like a man.

Men can just stroll up and be on their way in a few seconds, while women have to take off backpacks and clothing and then attempt to find somewhere to squat, all the time worrying about touching things for fear of germs or ticks, keeping their dignity and keeping warm. Shewee does away with all of this fuss - there really is no end to the situations where a Shewee would be handy.

Sam Fountain, Shewee

1 Shewee is currently sold every 3 minutes!

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