RumFest and Chocolate this October

RumFest and Chocolate this October

October brings with it some great events, as we start to wrap up for the winter season, and close in from the autumnal chill. And what better way to warm through than with a hot rum toddy couple with a few chunks of earthy dark chocolate. It certainly seems like our kind of heaven, as we begin to start firing up the heating, dragging out the sofa blankets and buckling down for the months ahead.

So imagine our delight when we discovered that not only has this year's RumFest taken on some new delights, teamed up with Rococo Chocolates, but is also on the same weekend as The Chocolate Show. For London that means a weekend full of chocolate and rum! Whatever you have in the diary already, cancel it and pencil in Olympia and the ILEC for 14th and 15th of October.Rumfest Competiton

Now an institution, UK RumFest is the world's premiere rum festival where guests can choose to taste from 400 of the world's most premium and sought after rums. Visitors can enjoy a series of intimate seminars from expert master distillers, a pineapple rum cocktail from a giant Tiki head bar, and a 'Golden Tot' connoisseurs' selection of rare and vintage rums, all set in a vibrant carnival atmosphere. It is an incredible day out for those looking for a slice of escapism in town this October.

Rococo chocolates will be hosting rum pairings on both days, encouraging guests to find the perfect truffle to match with their favourite rum, while the UK's premiere cigar emporium (launched in 1787) JJ Fox host their first-ever cigar and rum pairing at the show, playing homage to the saying 'what grows together, goes together'.

"I'm very excited about this year's show. Especially looking forward to trying new rums from all over the world and the introduction to the new Rum Experience Member's club, which will enable its members to access exclusive rums not available to the general public."

Ian Burrell, RumFest founder and global rum ambassador

The world of rum in 2017 has a truly international flavour, reflected by boutique distilleries like St. Nicholas Abbey in Barbados, Wild Tiger from Kerala in India and Cor Cor from Japan, all available to try at RumFest this year. This is more than just a two day rum experience,as visitors can purchase some incredibly rare rums to take home from the show, including Foursquare Triptych Single Blended Rum. For more information on this year's event visit

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RumFest and Chocolate this October

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