Shewee - with UK Celebs

Shewee - with UK Celebs

Ever since God created mankind and decided Adam needed that something extra to woo Eve, man has always had one small but significant advantage over the fairer sex - the ability to stand and wee!

By popular demand Shewee Extreme now available in Nato Green - Plus check out the new Shewee Festival Survival Box!

Shewee is used by thousands of women all over the world to allow them to stand and wee, so uncomfortable squatting, unhygienic toilets and embarrassing bare bottoms are now a thing of the past.

The award winning portable urinating device allows women to urinate whilst standing and without removing clothes. Shewee PinkShewee is ideal for travelling abroad, festivals, long car journeys and any kind of outdoor pursuit where toilet facilities are absent or less than desirable.

Shewee is easy to use, discreet, reusable, lightweight and it fits in a pocket.

By popular demand Shewee Ltd have now released the Shewee Extreme in Nato Green.

Up until now the Shewee Extreme was available in Bright Pink, but they've listened to all you military girls out there and have manufactured the Shewee Extreme Nato Green especially for you!

The Shewee Extreme consists of a Shewee, a Case and an Extension Pipe.

The 15cm Extension Pipe can be added to the end of the Shewee to lengthen the outlet pipe when wearing multiple layers of clothing (or when trying to compete with the boys!).

Both Shewee and Extension Pipe can be popped back into the Case after use and the snug fit ensures no rattling sounds from your rucksack!

The Shewee Extreme is sold at at a price of £11.75.

Inventor and entrepreneur Samantha Fountain developed her idea initially as part of her degree at university, the idea having come to her while backpacking around Europe.

Shewee Ltd now supplies retail outlets all over the UK and has distributors in over 25 countries worldwide.

Shewee is stocked in over 85% of 'outdoor' stores in the UK and is supplied to the army and is NATO approved.

This year female explorers who are loving Shewee include record breaking Polar Explorer Ann Daniels and Bonita Norris, the youngest female Brit to climb Everest!

Celebs everywhere also can't get enough!

Sam SheweeIn 2011 Shewee has been..........

On the Rob Brydon Show.

Jo Brand spoke about Shewee on Angina Monologues.

Fearne Cotton is always raving about Shewee and has yet again mentioned Shewee on her Radio1 Show in April.

Frank Skinner had the audience chanting about Shewee on his chat show.

Loose Women spoke about the usefulness of Shewee when running.

Heat Magazine suggested that Posh (Victoria Beckham) should get a Shewee for the Royal Wedding.

Jennifer Saunders and Ruby Wax waved their Shewee around on stage in front of 17,000 people at the MoonWalk - the list goes on!

MoonWalk now sell Shewee Extreme and Shewee Absorbent Pouches on their website. Buy Shewee products from to help raise money for the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk, who have raised to date in excess of £65 million for vital breast cancer causes.

Tweet's are flying left right and centre with Davina McCall tweeting about being stuck on the motorway - "I knew I should have got a Shewee!"

Emma Kennedy tweeting about getting a Shewee for Moonwalk - "I cannot wait to use my Shewee! In fact, I'm going to drink loads of coffee just before we start so I can use it LOADS!"

Gabby Logan tweeting - "I'm an Olympian Shewee'r... Nothing is safe within a 40 metre range!"

Sarah Millican tweeting about her recent purchase - "my Shewee is on its way!".

Other Shewee tweeters include Dr Christian Jessen, Katharine Viner and Clare Balding.

Why Shewee?

It struck me how much easier it was for a guy to go to the toilet in a place where there were no facilities or nowhere to squat behind so I came up with a way of effectively urinating like a man.

Men can just stroll up and be on their way in a few seconds, while women have to take off backpacks and clothing and then attempt to find somewhere to squat, all the time worrying about touching things for fear of germs or ticks, keeping their dignity and keeping warm.

Shewee does away with all of this fuss - there really is no end to the situations where a Shewee is handy.

Samantha Fountain

New Shewee Festival Survival Box

Shewee is the product that everyone is talking about this summer, and the new Shewee Festival Survival Box is the MUST HAVE item this festival season!

Included in the Shewee Festival Survival Box are all the essentials a girl needs to get her through a festival: -

  • Shewee Extreme In Bright Pink!
  • 2 x Absorbent Pouch These Absorbent Pouches have a super-absorbent insert that converts fluid into a secure odour-free gel! Can be used in a tent by men and women - no more tripping over other tent's guy ropes trying to get to the portable toilets in the middle of the night or getting lost in the rain!
  • Hand Sanitizer (59ml) Sterilizes by killing 99.99% of common germs.
  • Pocket Knife 8 function Shewee engraved pocket knife which includes a knife, bottle opener, slotted screwdriver, philips screwdriver, scissors, can opener, corkscrew and nail file.
  • X-fronts Funky underwear with discrete fly in the front to slip a Shewee through.
  • Dynamo Torch Bright LED torch, rechargeable or battery operated.
  • Emergency Poncho Waterproof reusable poncho.
  • Hairbrush and Mirror Folding travel hairbrush and mirror set.
  • Ear Plugs Soft ear-plugs in a plastic box, essential for getting some kip!
  • Qeezee Sick bag with absorbent anti-odour gel - includes lemon wipe, because being sick in your tent is the last thing you want.
  • Dry Shampoo (50ml) Enjoy clean fresh hair in an instant with no need for water!

This Festival Survival Kit is worth over £50, but is sold at for just £40.

Samantha Fountain

Sam AwardSam, as her product's strap line states, is passionate about helping women to 'Stand Up and Take Control'.

She patented her design in 1999 and entered the annual New Designers awards, where she won the James Dyson Product Design Award.

More recently Sam won the Silver Award at the British Female Inventor and Innovator Awards, she has appeared in numerous publications including Outdoor Enthusiast, Trail, TGO, Diver, Snowboard UK, and has appeared on BBC's Dragons' Den - all of which helped launch Shewee and bring it to the attention of a huge audience, allowing them to benefit from the freedom that Shewee provides.

1 Shewee is currently sold every 4 minutes worldwide!

For more informationa and to view the whole range visit:

Shewee - with UK Celebs

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