Teff Crispies

Teff Crispies

We tested some 'Teffios', puffed Teff cereal and came up with a gluten- and dairy-free recipe for our own 'Teff Crispies'.

Simple to make, delicious to share and a great favourite with all the family, especially the kids!



  • Melt the two bars of chocolate in a Bain-marie - or in a heat-proof bowl over a saucepan of hot water.
  • Mix the marshmallow fluff into the melted chocolate.
  • Add the Teffzer and mix together until all the chocolate is spread evenly over the puffed teff balls.
  • Press the mixture into a pan pre-lined with clingfilm
  • Press the mixture down evenly with a spoon and put ito a refrigerator to harden.
  • Turn out after the crispie mixture is chilled (allow 2 hours to be sure) and cut into squares with a sharp knife.
  • Enjoy!

For more information visit www.tobiateff.co.uk

Teff Crispies

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