Get Kit-ted out for Christmas

Christmas gift ideas get harder each year. I know for our children the surprises are less and the ideas are more difficult. So. this Christmas I have been looking at what is the new, particularly for fellow foodies. And DIY food kits seem to be o the increase as great gift ideas.

Soups, Sauces and Nut Butter Blenders

With Christmas 'wish lists' being written I thought it was a great time to talk about one of the larger gadgets in the kitchen – a blender. To mix, mingle, combine, stir, whisk, merge, emulsify, amalgamate there are lots of technical terms for blending!

Duck Egg Blue Design Company

Duck Egg Blue Design Company is a mixed media art business, run from the home of Claire Medhurst. Claire is a busy mum of two and has been really crafty, getting into art and design, with anything from cushions to bunting she has had a go at it all.

Ruth Hinks - A Life in Chocolate

Ruth Hinks is a chocolatier with a world class reputation in chocolate and pastry - and is an inspiration to speak too. Ruth secured a top-5 finish for the UK ahead of national Chocolate Masters from France, Belgium and Switzerland - the highest result by a UK pastry chef in an international competition.

Celebrating 30 Years with Squires Kitchen

Squires Kitchen has been creating and manufacturing innovative and trusted products for cake decorating and sugarcraft for almost 30 years. And earlier this month we popped along to join in with the celebrations and see just what this leading sugarcraft company has to offer.

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