Green People Organic Skincare

This summer may be a bit of a wash out for those holidaying in the UK this year but many of us are still keen to keep our skin in tip-top summer-ready shape, all year round. We took a look at the Green People Organic Lifestyle collection to see just what makes it "Best Organic Range" Organic skincare and natural hair care for all the family.

  • 11/07/2012

Giving Sweets A Good Name

Another great find on our "free from" journey has got to be the fabulous sweets available from Goody Good Stuff. Goody Good Stuff is an all-new natural, meat-free, gummy candy range that is made with a plant derived bio-gum technology, which eliminates the need for animal-based gelatin, which most traditional gummy candies use. Over the last 15 years, Goody Good Stuff have worked to develop a food technology, which allows them to remove the gelatine from Gummy candies while still producing a deliciously smooth and clear consistency. This makes their product range a first and only of its kind in the market.

  • 11/06/2012

The Junction Inn Groombridge

Following a gluten free diet doesn't mean you have to for-go days out and a trip to the local pub for a quick bite to eat - or a full evening meal. And if you are over in Groomsbridge then The Junction Inn is most definitely the place to try. Catering for the gluten free eater, they also make their own gluten free cakes - perfect for a sunny afternoon tea-break.

  • 27/05/2012

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