Britain's Dream Destinations and Breathtaking Views

Britain's Dream Destinations and Breathtaking Views

A recent poll has suggested that some of the top views within the UK include Loch Ness, Snowdonia, Seven Sisters (Sussex), Stonehenge, Loch Lommond, Bournemouth Pier (and beach) and the view from Westminster Bridge of the Palace of Westminster.Wales

With the summer racing in and many holiday destinations already booked abroad, it is wonderful to see some of the beautiful views that we can access in Britain being highlighted in the news. A few years ago we visited Snowdonia and it is still our most read review to date.

At Your Source Today we are based an hour drive from the Seven Sisters in Sussex, where you can walk to the sea edge across green fields and hills, and Westminster Bridge is less than an hour away by train.

In January we stayed for 10 days on the edge of Loch Ness, walked the Great Glen Way and drove across Loch Lommond as we journeyed out. The views were indeed breathtaking and the camera had a lot to capture.

If you are planning a stay at home vacation or short-break in 2017 then most areas have great support to showcase what they have on offer and a quick search will uncover more than initially meets the eye. By taking a holiday or short break (even days out) in Britain we can not only support the local economy and tourist trade in these areas but we can also begin to discover places where we may not have looked before.

Of course, the weather has a lot of control over days out in the British countryside but if you are prepared to take a chance, and an umbrella, you will soon find that there are an abundance of places to visit for free around the UK.

Visit Britain, Visit Scotland, Visit Wales, Visit England all have a wealth of resources available.

Britain's Dream Destinations and Breathtaking Views

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