The Queen Bee & Bee of Hotels at St Ermins

The Queen Bee & Bee of Hotels at St Ermins

At St Ermin's Hotel the third floor terrace is home to a collection of Buckfast Bees, making it London's only Bee & Bee hotel.

And by harvesting the nectar from its resident Buckfast bees, St Ermin's Hotel in Westminster has been offering a brand new Honey Afternoon Tea and Buzzy Bees Kid's Tea throughout this month. Every tea purchased throughout September will come with a certificate of adoption, allowing guests to name their very own St. Ermin's bee.St Ermin's Honey

Visitors can also learn about the very specific role their bees play within the hive on the third floor Bee Terrace. In its continued efforts to support beekeeping, the hotel will be donating £1 from each sale of the Honey Afternoon Tea to the British Beekeeping Association to support their vital work and the St. Ermin's Hotel will once again be offering Urban Beekeeping Taster Workshops, lead by top beekeeper Camilla Goddard of Capital Bee.

For those looking to visit their newly adopted bee or wanting to check out London's only Bee & Bee Hotel, guests can head to the third floor Bee Terrace, to watch the colony in action from behind the glass viewing platform. With easy access to some of London's most prestigious gardens, collecting pollen from the likes of Buckingham Palace and St James' Park, the St. Ermin's Buckfast bees produce approximately 25lb of delectable honey each year, which inspires its kitchen to create outstanding seasonal menus.

St Ermin's Hotel is in an excellent location, just around the corner from St James' Park tube, and a few minutes from Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. The award winning restaurant 'Caxton Grill' is on site and the third floor terrace bee hives home over 350,000 Buckfast Bees. For more information visit

The Queen Bee & Bee of Hotels at St Ermins

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