Setting Sail in 2017 with Sailogy

Setting Sail in 2017 with Sailogy

Although long thought of as the preserve of the rich and famous, 2017 has already seen a massive uptake in the interest in sailing holidays as UK holidaymakers look to escape the country for their summer holidays and do something a little different than the stereotypical sitting on a beach in Spain. According to research published from yacht hire company Sailogy, yacht charter in Italy is the top pick for this summer with Greece, Croatia and the Caribbean following them closely behind.

Should you be thinking of joining the sailing holiday exodus this summer, here are some of the highlights in these top four sailing holiday locations that you must see!


With one of the most Southern points of Europe being surrounded on both sides by the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas it is far from a surprise that Italy is the top location for people looking at yacht hire in 2017. To the North of the Eastern seaboard holidaymakers are able to visit 'The Floating City' of Venice and it's amazing historic architecture and history as the city has been populated since the second century. Further south sees another city filled with architectural wonders in Bari with Basilica of Saint Nicholas, the Cathedral of San Sabino and the Hohenstaufen Castle built for Frederick II all must visit locations for visitors.Sailogy
On the Mediterranean side of Italy, the wonders available to be viewed and visited cater more to nature lovers as Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii attract countless visitors each year when holidaymakers moor their boats in the marinas of Naples.


As one of the diverse countries in the world with regards to ancient history and the number of islands that make up the nation make Greece one of the top sailing holiday destinations in the world. The majority of yacht hire time frames from Sailogy last for a week, but with the number of ancient cultural and religious sites, such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon, in the capital city of Athens alone seeing holidaymakers able to spend the full seven days there even before considering the thousands of islands of varying sizes.


Croatia has one of the richest coastlines in all of Europe with more than 1000 islands and islets helping provide the country with more than 5,500kms of land facing into the Adriatic Sea. There are three distinct areas of coast that holidaymakers visit when on a Croatian sailing holiday and all can be explored for as little as €40 per day per person. The most Northerly of the three areas offers some of the most stunning natural beauty spots of the whole Adriatic Sea with the Brijuni National Park the standout.


The Caribbean Sea is the most expensive area of the top four favourite locations to visit with it costing at least €85 for each person for every day that you visit, but with it covering an area of more than one million square miles this massive sea provides a vast number of places to visit as well as things to see and do. SailogyThis sea is enclosed by the Caribbean islands, Central America and parts of the Colombian and Venezuelan coastlines on the South American side meaning that there is so much variety that you will not spend a single second bored no matter which area of this corner of the globe that you decide to explore on your sailing holiday.

All four of these fantastic locations offer something a little different for those taking a sailing holiday in 2017 but do they appeal to you? According to the research provided by Sailogy if you are a male aged between 25 and 44 then you'll love these perfect getaways from everyday life as more than 70% of people who avail of yacht hire are men and 65% of sailing holiday fans are aged in the listed age range.

Even with these figures showing that the majority of holidaymakers who secure a yacht charter for a summer holiday are younger men, the locations and the stunning experiences listed above cater to everyone so no matter your age there is somewhere to go and something to see on a sailing holiday.

Will you be visiting one of these top four locations for UK holidaymakers for will you find somewhere a little more off the radar? For more information visit

Setting Sail in 2017 with Sailogy

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