What holidays are in September

 In September, the school children are probably waiting for the one who, during long months of summer vacation, manages to get bored in the expedition of his classmates, teachers and sit at his desk. It is September 1 that the world celebrates Knowledge Day. It also opens a few holidays in September, but this month is hectic.

holidays in September

International holiday in September

September 9 celebrated the entire planet International Beauty Day, which began in 1995 by the International Aesthetic Committee and Cosmetology. In many countries, on this Day, the most beautiful women compete in beauty pageants. September 13 (12 in leap years) is held by programmers. Developer’s Day is still an actual holiday that very few people know about. The following international holiday in September is Forest Workers’ Day, presented in the diary in honor of people who multiply their work with many forests. It is held on September 16. September 21 is International Day of Peace, proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly. The Second Day of the festival in the UN system is World Day in the Sea. Every year on September 24, emphasis is placed on increasing sea safety and preventing pollution.

On September 26, the world celebrates European Day of Languages, language support for diversity, multilingualism, and development in foreign language teaching. The Next Day in the calendar is marked as World Tourism Day. Members approved his in Torremolinos in 1976 at the next session of the General Assembly of the World Trade Organization. On the last Day of the month, a professional holiday is celebrated by translators. September 30 is the Day of the death of Jerome of Stridon, a pastor who was a historian, writer, and translator.

Church calendars

September 1 religions celebrate Hare Krishnas. September 4 is the anniversary of the great Krishna, which became the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On September 18, Buddhists celebrate Buddha Otosho, the god of the brain.

There are few Orthodox Church permits in September: The Head of John (September 11), the Nativity of Our Lady (September 21), the beginning of the Lord’s Cross (September 26), and St. Michael’s Day (September 29). However, these holidays in September are considered popular.

In Spain, in September celebrate the festival of Holy Week in Cordoba.

Professional Holidays

The most celebrated holiday in September in Russia is the Day of Glorious War and the Day of Specialists in Study Work, held on September 11.

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