Why Walking Holidays Work

Why Walking Holidays Work

For many, a holiday is time to relax, to sit and read, eat delicious food, drink a little more than usual and sleep a whole lot longer. But if you want to discover more from your holiday destination and come back a little fitter, without the additional excess baggage many of us collect while away, then a walking holiday could be the answer.

Having issues with my tired legs from sitting down at a desk all day, or being on my feet at events in a slow stilted walk, I have recently discovered the feeling of ease a walk can give me.Wye Valley - Ramblers Holidays Sleep has been a lot more comfortable on walking days, and aside from overdoing it on an extra long walk, my body has responded quite well to the extra exercise - all done at a gentle pace. Working up to longer walks, I can actually feel a time in the day when my body is looking to move and eager to start a new journey.

The idea of a walking holiday can be very daunting if you are not used to exercise on a regular basis, or if the thought of walking too far really does stop you before you start. So to tempt you in and set you off on the right foot Ramblers Walking Holidays have introduced bite-sized breaks, with a choice of destinations around the UK; the perfect opportunity to test-drive a walking holiday - or just take a short break to recharge your batteries.

"This range of holidays is ideal for clients who might be considering a first guided small-group walking holiday, but are not sure about committing to something of a longer duration. They cover a range of walking levels, from moderate to more challenging, and by being close to home they offer an easy way to experience a Ramblers Walking Holiday in a bitesize portion."

Kathy Cook - Joint MD Ramblers Holidays

The only downside of UK breaks is, of course, the weather and without being able to second guess the seasons many traveller prefer to head to a destination that is more likely to have the sun shining on any given day. Corsican PlacesWith an increased interest in walking holidays over the past year, tour operator Corsican Places has expanded its walking holidays collection to now include a seven-night tour of the villages of la Balagne.

With 30 years' experience in arranging package and tailor made holidays to Corsica, the operator aims to provide customers with the opportunity to combine the island's beautiful beaches, laid-back villages and buzzing local life with the added pleasure of walking. The tour itself is centred around the north-west corner of Corsica, encompassing Calvi, L'Ile Rousse, and smaller, hillside villages in la Balagne.

A walking holiday offers the chance to live like a local and venture out in to less tourist trap areas of your destination. They are a great way to see how the local live, discover features not on the regular tour map, and discover culinary delights made in the heart of the local community. And, if like me, you are suffering from varicose veins and tired legs, you may just be doing yourself a favour by getting some gentle exercise along the way. Holidays are such a personal projects, so make sure your holiday works for you, to suit your lifestyle needs.

The variety of walking holidays on offers now comes with more flexibility so you can choose one to suit your fitness and interest level. But, at the end of the day, if you are still looking to sit back and relax then privately owned, specialist tour operator, The Discerning Collection offers a stunning selection of exclusive, hand-picked hotels and villas across a number of Greek islands. And next month (May 2017) sees the launch of two beautiful yachts and a rather swanky catamaran, offering guests an exclusive and indulgent way to explore the stunning Ionian Islands in style.

Why Walking Holidays Work

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