User account changes

With the upcoming GDPR regulations coming in to effect in Europe it is a good time for everyone to reflect on what user data they are storing and why.

At Your Source Today we have always treated data entrusted to us with respect and have done our best to secure it at every point. The main reason we introduced user accounts was to mainly help people who wanted to make comments and enter competitions quicker by pre-populating their details in to forms to save them time. While this was handy to some people it was not widely adopted. Nowadays most browsers will handle this for you so it is time to reconsider the value of user accounts.

We have always protected the data but feel now the need to hold it has been usurped. As such we have taken the decision to delete all user account data and remove the ability for users to login.

So what does this mean to users? Mainly, we no longer hold any of your data. It is gone. You no longer need to log in to a user account, and this function has been permanently disabled. If you enter a competition your data will only be held for the absolutely minimum amount of time and then deleted, for good.

For more information on how we hold data please check out our updated privacy policy here . However, if your are one of the few who used to use the user accounts to fill in the forms, your browsers should be able to do this for you now, and we hope you understand why we have chosen to take this decision.

As we no longer send out a newsletter to our readers, our subscriber list has also been deleted permanently.

Many thanks from the team behind Your Source Today.

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