Half Way There to a Fabulous February

This month I am looking forward to being 'Fabulous for February' with the help of the ilumi Boost Your Energy Diet and the Advanced Nutrition Programme. Along with added help from Vietnam Black Rice and Nutribullet I am looking to change my approach to my diet and move on to fresh produce and home-made meals, free from unnecessary added ingredients. I am sharing my experience with you now I am half-way through the month and getting to Day 15 on my #FabForFeb regime has been easier than expected.

Discover a Great Place to Meet in the The Green Rooms of Godstone

Living out of town and 'in the sticks' can pose an obstacle or two when you are looking for a great little place to grab a coffee, take a break away from the office or organise an informal business meeting or work-related chat. Whilst London has an abundance of pop-in places, Surrey has an enormous amount of country pubs but finding ones that stock soya and free-from cakes presents more of a challenge.

Lady Rizo Rocks the House at Soho Theatre London

If you like cabaret and burlesque, comedy and song then Lady Rizo will have you swinging between the four, all in one night. Billed as an entertainer - dream maker - chanteuse and superstar, Lady Rizo will certainly raise a laugh from any audience.

Just into January on our Fabulous for February Plan

This month we are going gluten- and dairy-free and looking for ways to detox after the festive season. Instead of hopping aboard the trendy 5-2 we have opted to spend the month including a healthier diet to our daily routine. Our goal is to feel fabulous for February - and if we lose a few pounds along the way we won't complain.

A Little Bit of Heaven from Beautiful Devon with Tideford Organics

You can't beat fresh, homemade soup. But we don't always have the time or the ingredients to hand to make it when we crave it most. And for that reason having a few pots of Tideford Organics soup in the fridge is the perfect answer. With most pots being gluten- wheat- and some dairy-free as well as containing no GM products, they really are a good 'comfort' food to keep to hand - especially as the nights draw in and the temperature plummets.

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