Vax Air3 Pet - A Return Review Two Years On

In October 2012 we tried and tested the then new Air3 Pet after VAX launched their Air3 range of light, full-sized, multi-cyclonic upright vacuum cleaners. The Air3 Pet come with a six year guarantee so gives piece of mind when making a large purchase- and after 22 months, as expected, ours is still in daily use but not without a few problems along the way.

YO! Sushi Launch Tasty New Asian Buns

Britain's love affair with the trusty sandwich could be numbered because new on the belt at YO! Sushi this summer is the Oishii Bun, which launch on to menus nationwide at the iconic sushi restaurant. The word 'Oishii' is Japanese for 'delicious' and these light and fluffy white Asian buns are gently steamed and filled with one of four fantastic flavours - including Hoisin Duck, Miso Chicken, Teriyaki Mushroom and Yuzu Mackerel.

Introducing a New Revolution in Cooking with the Wonderbag

Occasionally something comes along that simply stuns us. Something so ingenious, or outstandingly simple, ethical, usable or just plain brilliant. For us, the Wonderbag is all of this, and more. The Wonderbag was created in South Africa for Africans. It has created 2000 jobs and 600,000 are in homes being used. It saves time money and fuel and because it works it is used. Because it is used, it works both for the environment and for our health.

Identify Your Individual Taste for Tea with Ringtons and O' My Tea

I love a good cup of traditional tea. Nothing fancy, no added perfumes or flavours. No quirky combinations or fruity, floral blends. Just a great tasting cup of strong, well-brewed tea to satisfy my personal and individual taste. Discover your personal tea taste with some of the great companies we have in the UK, who are dedicated to bringing you your perfect 'cuppa'.

Reaping the Home Grown Harvest from our Allotment

It has been three months since we told you about our new venture to 'grow our own' on a small allotment space we have been given. This past week has seen us harvesting produce that has matured, learning a lot about what not to do and freeing up space for some more seeds to grow.

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