EDM Epicerie Fine

Every once in a while we discover a smaller producer that catches our eye. Not because they have a huge marketing campaign, nor an elaborate stall at a grand event but because of the simplicity of their product and the honest way in which it is presented and displayed. Last month (October 2013) we were presented with a jar of pineapple jam and a caramel chocolate spread from EDM - fine groceries online.

Great Gift Ideas from the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fairs

The Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair London gave visitors the chance to soak up the magic of the festive season, enjoy a great day's shopping and leave with a hoard of heavenly gifts. The Fair brought together hundreds of exhibitors from all over the UK in a festive extravaganza of quality and craftsmanship, giving visitors a chance to get inspiration for the festive season ahead. And if you missed it - the next stop is Glasgow, before Harrogate sees in the start of Advent.

Is Coconut Water the New Miracle Health Drink?

Trends recently saw a rise in the popularity and marketing of Coconut Water as the 'new kid on the block' in terms of health drinks. A quick search of the internet will reveal unlimited claims that the humble coconut contains the cure for a hangover, dehydration, aids weight-loss and even helps to boost immunity. But what does it taste like and will it really cure all?

Half the Calories and Double the Flavour from The Chocolatier - Aneesh Popat

In the past year, since our first meeting with The Chocolatier - Aneesh Popat has gone from strength to strength and is now in high demand from chocolate lovers all over the world. And what keeps the business growing, aside from his infectious personality, endless energy and total passion for chocolate is his refusal to rest on what he has already achieved.

Gluten-Free Baking at Home with a Little Help from Honeybuns

Honeybuns Bakery create award-winning gluten-free cakes and bakes for all the family - and now, thanks to Emma Goss-Custard sharing her recipes, you too can cook fabulous gluten-free cakes at home - because baking gluten-free doesn't have to be hard work nor produce cakes and puddings that are free-from flavour.

Darling Spuds - Hand Cooked Potato Chips

When is a crisp not a crisp? When it is a Darling Spuds Hand Cooked Potato Chip... And the difference between the two is immediately obvious if you have ever tried one of the fabulous flavours in their range. Gone are the days when a crisp is nothing more than a thin slice of potato thrown into the oil - at Darling Spuds they cut them a little thicker but manage to keep them crunchy all the way through.