Blend Delight into Your Life with Love Your Blender

The smoothie revolution has taken 2015 by storm, with one of the most popular must-have kitchen gadgets being the blender, which in many cases can only mean the addition of a Nutribullet. But once you have your blender unpacked and in place, what do you start to blend for a healthier you?

Empowering Women One Tampon at a Time

Menstruation is a very natural aspect of a woman's life and affects half the world's population but it remains a very much unspoken subject. Women are still dying every year from Toxic Shock Syndrome, associated with the use of conventional tampons. Yet with so many choices for women today, why is there still so much taboo about our intimate areas?

A Life Without Passion... a life not lived. And with many small and independent producers, including chocolate makers and chocolatiers, you can now actually taste the passion that they put into their produce.

Seasonal Dining in the Heart of Sussex

The Anderida Restaurant at Ashdown Park Hotel and County Club is locally renowned as one of the best restaurants in Forest Row. Recognised throughout the county and beyond as being an award-winning Sussex restaurant it simply must be sampled, so last week we travelled down to this beautifully set estate in the heart of Sussex, for an evening of fine dining.

Lucocoa Chocolate: Changing the Chocolate Landscape

It is always a great delight when we discover something new to share - especially when that 'something' is not only new to us, but new to everyone - and when that 'something' is also chocolate we are in our own personal heaven. So it is a pleasure to announce that not only did we witness, we also sampled chocolate from the launch of Lucocoa Chocolate, at the London Chocolate Festival last month.

Journey into Fifth Dimension Chocolates

British chocolatiers Fifth Dimension specialise in luxury handmade chocolates, made with high-quality single-origin cocoa, combined with classic and unusual flavours, inspired by their passion for food and travel. As returning chocolatiers to the Oxted Chocolate Fair (21-22 March) Fifth Dimension took visitors on a journey of discovery in taste combinations.

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