The Lemon Compendium - A Comprehensive Guide on Everything There is to Know About Lemons

Lemon Compendium by Yasemen Kaner-White is a comprehensive and beautiful guide on everything there is to know about lemons. As much a pean as a compendium, this book devotedly divulges all that is lemon-related, from poetry and proverbs - to an impressively researched recipe section. "There is nothing you can do with a lemon that you won't find here". - Food and Travel Magazine.

Are You Ready to Support Independent, Individual and Small Businesses?

At Your Source one of our main aims has been to support and highlight start-up companies, smaller business owners and independent, individual people doing what they love with a passion, while producing fabulous products along the way. My name is Sue and for the last four years I have been passionate about Your Source Today and this is why...

Living Gluten & Dairy-Free on the FODMAP Diet

After four decades of living with a grumbling tummy, anti-social bowel movements and acid indigestion, I have finally stumbled into the office of a doctor who was more willing to do something, other than pay my constant ailments lip-service whilst handing over another anti-acid prescription. My latest, in a long line of numerous visits to the surgery, resulted in seeing a new doctor and not one of my regulars, and had me leaving the building more upbeat than ever and without a prescription in my bag.

Roll Up! Roll Up! All you High-flying Food & Drink Entrepreneurs

Whether small or large, a producer or a retailer, the unique chance is here to tell your story, parade your business success before the country's greatest entrepreneurs themselves - and win £5000. The competition is free to enter. The search is now on for Britain's first-ever Investec Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year 2014. It seeks top food and drink entrepreneurs from the nation whose food is now the envy of the world.

Ten of the Best Oils, Vinegars and Dip-able Dressings

Over the past few years at foodie events we have encountered a whole range of samples on offer. Tasty treats, chocolates, cookies and even pasta. Yet nothing gets some of us more worked up than when we see a bowl of oils or vinegar ready to be dipped. And if a great tasting salad dressing or sauce is also on offer then we are in savoury heaven. Our top ten features the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dip-able liquids but we hope that even if you don't share our choices, you share our enthusiasm for finding something new.

Growing Our Own - The Transformation Begins

When we were given access to a small patch of overgrown land, to clear and grow our own fruit and vegetable, we seized the opportunity and began work at the beginning of March to transform our patch into an allotment space. Share our highs and lows as we begin to grow our own and follow our journey through to the harvest when we hope to have a selection of produce we can use to create homegrown recipes.

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