Growing Our Own - The Transformation Begins

When we were given access to a small patch of overgrown land, to clear and grow our own fruit and vegetable, we seized the opportunity and began work at the beginning of March to transform our patch into an allotment space. Share our highs and lows as we begin to grow our own and follow our journey through to the harvest when we hope to have a selection of produce we can use to create homegrown recipes.

Chocolate, Baileys and Curry from The Chocolate Festival London

Chocolate is getting into everything lately, especially with Easter and the Chocolate Festivals around the UK. So we were not surprised to see chocolate getting jiggy with the Baileys at the London Chocolate Festival - yet we were surprised to discover that is actually tasted so good. But curried chocolate from the 'Fifth Dimension'? Does that really work?

Treat Yourself to a Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg 'n' Spoon this Easter

With so many great chocolate producers available today it is often easy to overlook the more commercial chocolate companies and the likes of Cadbury does not often grace our desks. But when this week a selection of Egg 'n' Spoon boxes turned up on my desk, we have to say we were tempted, especially since we received instructions on making our very own chick nest from the discarded packaging.

Awful for April but the Sun is Shining through the Fog

If you have been following my resolution to change my diet and lifestyle through out 2014 you will know that after starting the year dairy- and gluten-free, I had lost 7lbs and began to see many of my intolerance symptoms disappear, along with my brain fog, tiredness and generally feeling run down. Yet throughout March I didn't just slip - I fell headlong off the wagon! And like many people fell into the trap of thinking I had conquered my resolutions so deserved the odd treat.

The Great Chicken Debate - Butchers vs Supermarket

How much are you really getting for your money? And can your local butcher really offer something the supermarkets can't? We took three different chickens and went on an afternoon cooking spree to find out 'pound for pound' or kilo for kilo, just what you are getting for your money. Would the butcher's chicken triumph over the Finest supermarket range? And are Value chickens really that?

Indulge Your Senses with a Chocolate Inspired Afternoon Tea at Grosvenor House

The Man has done it again. Not long after the launch of his new chocolate shop in Heal's Tottenham Court Road, Paul A Young has found the time to create his chocolate inspired afternoon tea - and invited us along to sample the magic. Working with Nigel Boschetti, executive chef at Grosvenor House, Paul has blended in his own personality to create an afternoon tea worth taking a whole day off for.

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