Indulge Your Senses with a Chocolate Inspired Afternoon Tea at Grosvenor House

The Man has done it again. Not long after the launch of his new chocolate shop in Heal's Tottenham Court Road, Paul A Young has found the time to create his chocolate inspired afternoon tea - and invited us along to sample the magic. Working with Nigel Boschetti, executive chef at Grosvenor House, Paul has blended in his own personality to create an afternoon tea worth taking a whole day off for.

Are We Marvellous for March Yet?

Following my New Year resolution to get Fabulous for February, I am now continuing my quest while looking to be Marvellous for March. Aside from a huge fall around Valentine's weekend, which saw the wagon trailing off into February leaving me far behind, I have managed to maintain my 7lb weight loss for 2014 and, thankfully, I have now caught up with said wagon and planted my bottom firmly on the front seat.

Be Seen Be Safe with a SeeMeMore High Visibility LED Reflective Light Vest

I like to think I am a careful driver. As an ex-motorbike rider I am aware of the dangers of not being seen. I am also aware that many drivers are still not as observant of other road users as they could be. The fact remains that if you are not in a car many road users simply don't see you. So why make yourself less visible when you could easily stand out from the crowd and make sure you are seen with a 'See Me More' High Visibility LED Reflective Light Vest.

Mixing It Up in a Molecular Fashion at Vine Street Studios

Our VisitBrighton journey would not have been complete without somewhere central to stay, and there is nothing better than actually finding somewhere big enough to accommodate all your family and friends when you want to have a great break away. Vine Street Studios offer ample accommodation for up to 16 people with their retro loft conversion. And when the party comes to you in the form of a mixology class, it is the icing on the cake.

Feeling Fabulous For February and Marvellous for March

Throughout January I have embarked on a new approach to the New Year and decided to make small changes, one day at a time - to my diet, lifestyle, fitness and overall feeling of well-being. January is a tough month for resolutions and new diets but not as tough as it could have been had I set myself impossible resolutions and unachievable goals. Join my journey into February as I move on to feeling 'Marvellous for March'.

Getting Fabulous for February One Day at a Time

During this month I have been following a plan to get #FabForFeb with the help of some great companies along the way. If you are trying to change your diet for a healthier option then forget the fads and go for 'real food for real people' and make small changes everyday to keep you on track to a healthier lifestyle. Follow me throughout this month to see how I have made the change.

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