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National English Toffee Day

Some things in life are almost impossible, like trying to keep your eyes open when you sneeze, or not pull a face if you suck on a lemon? Well try rushing a piece of English toffee and you may find it simply can't be done. Just like sinking into a deep bath at the end of a hard day, lingering over creamy English toffee can be a delicious time-out. The 8th of January see the celebration of 'National English Toffee Day.' Explore this mouth-watering candy and have a fun time making some of your own.

English Toffee

Celebrate 'National English Toffee Day' (8th January 2011) with this simple recipe. Great for making with the family or as a special weekend treat.

Gü Party Pots Recipe

Impress your guests with Gü party pots. Gü party pots are fantastic canapes for parties but can also be dressed up if you want to go that extra mile to really impress your guests...

Organic Meltdown

Have yourself an Organic meltdown and save a tree. Organic Meltdown chocolate, the latest creation from Brand Stand is the first product of its type to save a tree for every chocolate bar sold – symbolising that the roots of chocolate can extend into the Earth and heal.

Creative Curry

A Boxing Day curry recipe to compliment Tilda's basmati rice, making for a tasty meal to follow your Christmas Day. Minimum effort with maximum taste.

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