Anno Distillers - Artisan Spirits in Kent

Anno Distillers is an artisan spirits producer located in Kent, which first hit the stores in October last year. We originally met the company at the Spirit of Christmas Fair 2013, where they were making an impression with their flagship multi-award winning gin. So it was a pleasure to see this young company evolving further and still producing at this year's event, with three other bottle variations on offer.

  • 12/11/2014
  • 06/11/2014

Glorious Revolution® English White Rum launched at UK RUMFEST

English Micro-Distillery, Spirit Masters, launched Glorious Revolution English white rum at RUMFEST UK, London October 2014. It is believed to be the first English produced white rum. Glorious Revolution English White Rum - because Spirit Masters aim to start a Glorious Revolution of new drinks, with a difference that cannot be found elsewhere.

  • 23/10/2014

Enjoy Authentic Wood-Fired Pizzas from the Pizza Project

When we were introduced to a new street-food vendor, serving authentic wood-fired pizza, made in an authentic way, we went along to meet Jonny McCoy and the Pizza Project to find out what started him on this venture and to sample some of his pizzas for ourselves.

  • 23/09/2014

Real Hot Chocolate at Home with the Kokoa Collection

The Kokoa Collection is an award winning hot chocolate, that up until recent months was only available to buy in coffee shops. Having sourced the best cocoa beans from around the world, so you can choose your favourite, the Kokoa Collection is now available to order online and drink at home. A cup of heavenly hot chocolate made from real chocolate and sourced from single origins!

  • 18/09/2014

Speciality Producers in the Spotlight this September

With speciality food and drink demand on the increase, we bring you a small selection of independent businesses that are available to try without leaving home. Shop online and expand your selection of home-grown and family produced food from around the UK.

  • 08/09/2014

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