3 Jobs That Allow You More Freedom

It is a fact of the modern world that for many of us our jobs do not provide us with much freedom. For many employees, their working week consists of a rigid 9-5, Monday to Friday routine that offers little in the way of flexibility. If this sounds like your current career, maybe it is time to start thinking of other meaningful avenues of work that offer more freedom. For most of us, we work to live rather than live to work and increasingly, people are looking for jobs that allow them to regain more control over their work/life balance. Some careers can do just that and, in this article, three jobs that give you more freedom and control over your working week are discussed.

Taxi Driver

If you enjoy driving and like the idea of meeting new people regularly, then becoming a taxi driver may be the right career choice for you. It can also be a well-paid industry to work in with taxi drivers in the US earning between $30k and $45k as a general average. One of the main benefits of becoming a taxi driver is the fact that you can have significant freedom on the hours and days you choose to work. If you need to take the kids to and from school, it is no problem as a taxi driver. You can start and stop your working hours as you choose. This is especially true if you decide to work as a self-employed taxi driver as you can log on and off to receive work as you see fit. Few jobs offer such freedom of working hours as a taxi driver. If it sounds like an ideal career for you and you like the idea of doing it on a self-employed basis, then it may be worth investigating where to buy a new or used taxi to start your work. Companies such as cabdirect.com offer a range of new and used taxis that will be perfect to start your new career.

Personal Trainer

If you are obsessed with fitness and like to stay in perfect shape, you should consider becoming a personal trainer and offering fitness services to the local community. You could convert your garage into a home gym as a relatively simple DIY project and begin to offer training sessions from your own home. As a self-employed personal trainer, you would have the freedom to book clients for training sessions at times and on days that suited you. With careful planning of your bookings, you can ensure that your work/life balance is exactly as you want it, with the freedom to work to a schedule that suits you.

Jobs That Allow You More Freedom
Jobs That Allow You More Freedom

Freelance Photographer

Talented photographers can travel the world working as freelance photographers or specialize in areas such as wedding and special occasion photography. There is a consistent demand for exceptionally talented individuals who can capture the perfect picture for events and projects. If you enjoy photography and have a talent for taking the perfect shot, it is wise to start building a portfolio of your work which you can then display to potential employers to gain freelance contracts. Put simply, if you have a talent for photography and love to travel, why not turn this passion into a profitable career?

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