Tioman Island in Malaysia with Coral Reefs

Tioman Island in Malaysia has located 60 km from the mainland. It is part of the Pahang National Park in Malaysia. Tioman can safely be considered one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia, the fantastic nature of which is shown in the musical “South Pacific.” The island’s main attractions are beaches with clear turquoise waters, white sand, and exotic nature.

General Information of Tioman

The island of Tioman is 20 km long and 12 km wide; here live about a thousand inhabitants in eight settlements, many of them descendants of pirates and fishers. Some payments are similar to villages in Indonesia.

The centre of the island is densely forested. Some plants are unique. The highest point is the peak of Mount Gunung Kajang, at an altitude of 1038 m.

Interesting fact! The streets are spotless, and the river water can be drunk without boiling. However, it is not worth checking this fact in practice. It is better to buy purified water in stores.

People have surrounded the island of Tioman in Malaysia with various legends. One of them tells the story of a Chinese princess. She was on her way to her groom, mesmerized by nature, and decided to stay here forever and turn into Tioman’s pearl.

It is recommended to visit this part of Malaysia for anyone seeking solitude, dreaming of a comfortable beach holiday, and exotic nature. In addition, this is a natural paradise for scuba divers, as the underwater world is as colourful as the flora and fauna of Tioman.

The Goal

The main attraction is the coastline, which is convenient for relaxation, nature, and wildlife. Unique animals and plants live here. The island’s most popular village is Juara. Here is the cleanest sand on the island, and there is a sea turtle sanctuary where you can feed and pet them.

Tioman has two mountains covered with dense jungle, donkey ears, and dragon horns. Interestingly, only a few could reach the top of the Dragon’s Corner.

Another exciting place to visit is the village of Tekek, where you can see the sea park, where unique species of corals are collected – soft and hard.


The island’s territory is a duty-free area, but shopping here is unlikely to be profitable. Most of the shops are located in the village of Tekek. Here you can buy food, drinks, cigarettes, and sweets.

Good to know! If you want to transport purchased goods to Singapore, you have to pay customs.

There are a lot of souvenirs in the area – shirts with interesting drawings, pumpkin-shaped plates, jewellery in traditional Malaysian power, and wooden blocks.

In the resort areas, there are small shops where you can buy personal hygiene products, insect repellents, and other essential products.

That’s important! It is forbidden to break off and take coral from the island. You can buy a branch in a souvenir shop.


There are almost no quality paved pavements on the island of Tioman in Malaysia; the only road is to the village of Tekek and then to the resort of Berjaya. The fastest and most convenient way to communicate between the settlements is by ferry from Mersing to Tioman. The fare ranges from $ 3 to $ 5. You can get to the resort by private boat. It costs $ 16.

There are also SUVs on the island – a similar taxi. Travel costs:

  • $ 24 per passenger;
  • $ 38 for two;
  • $ 11 if there are four passengers.


The best mobile phone communication south of the island. The internet is almost everywhere. Most all internet cafes are in Tekek and Air Batang. The cost for one session is usually $ 3. The hotels have wireless internet.

It is better to call from hotels, as most phones are broken. You can contact the subscriber via Skype anywhere on the internet.


The hotels on the island of Malaysia are very different from traditional European modern buildings. Most often, these are compact cottages with 7-9 rooms, decorated in a national, Malaysian style. The interior is characterized by natural wood.

The largest village on the island is Tekek. There is an airport nearby, grocery stores, internet cafes and you can rent vehicles. Ferries from mainland Malaysia dock at Tekek settlement, and there are police stations, currency exchange offices, and customs.

Genting is a nightclub with a nightclub, a restaurant (the menu features Chinese cuisine), and a disco.

If you want to get to the jungle, it is best to go to the village of Paya. From here, excursions go deep into the tropics; tourists are always accompanied by funny monkeys who try to find the personal belongings of holidaymakers.

The village of Nipa attracts lovers of romance. There are many deserted beaches and almost no holidaymakers.

Good to know! The most expansive coastline is located near and belongs to the Berjaya Hotel. Many beaches flock to Singapore this weekend. Tioman is a centre for scuba diving, spa services, and golf.


Tioman has accommodation for all tastes and budgets; most hotels are located in the western part of the island. There are luxury hotels, affordable hotels, as well as unique houses and cottages. Most hotels are villas decorated in a traditional Malaysian style.

Many cheap hotels and cottages are concentrated in the village of Tekek. Accommodation in a simple cabin with minimal amenities will cost $ 12-13. In a more comfortable hotel, it costs from $ 30 to $ 60. In expensive hotels, rooms cost, on average, around $ 100—one of Tioman Island’s most prestigious resorts in Berjaya. The hotel has a swimming pool, spa, Wi-Fi zone, and private beach. The hotel also has a substantial beautiful area on the island.

Good to know! With a budget of RM200 (approximately $ 50), you can find reasonable accommodation anywhere on the island. The cost of living is determined by the season – from January to March, prices are 50% lower than in the high season – from July to August.


The on-site restaurants and cafés serve local and European cuisine. Here you can taste traditional Malay dishes and classic European cuisine. It is better to have a cheap snack in restaurants, most of them in the villages of Tekek and Juar.

Interesting fact! Be sure to try nasal rice, served as a side dish and boiled in coconut milk—exciting and unusual tasting meat prepared according to local recipes. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of trying seafood. It is better to buy alcoholic beverages in duty-free shops.

Compared to other resorts in Malaysia, the food at Tioman is quite expensive. Local dishes cost from RM3 to RM10. European words are more expensive – up to 15 rounds. Three meals a day at the hotel’s restaurant cost from 30 to 40 games.


Most locals are friendly, so crimes on the island are sporadic. However, even with such calmness and serenity, we should not forget precautions. Women should dress more modestly, especially when planning a trip to a local village.

It would help if you got vaccinated against hepatitis A and B and malaria before travelling. Tourists should wear mosquito nets, insect repellents, sunscreen, and hats. If you plan to snorkel, check which underwater residents are toxic and can be dangerous.

Tioman Island in Malaysia
Tioman Island in Malaysia

UP 8 Beaches Of Tioman Island


It is a small island located 4 km from Tioman Island. The beach is covered with exotic vegetation and white sand, and the water is spotless. It is here that there are more places to dive and snorkel. The seabed is sandy.

 Monkey Beach

It is a wild, secluded spot in the northwestern part of the island. The beach got its name from the many monkeys living here. The seabed is covered with sand and rocks.


Great location in the eastern part of the island. Many turtles live here. The beach is not crowded as it is challenging to get here. The seabed is covered with sand.


A popular destination in the northern part of Tioman Island. There are many palm trees on the beach, clean, white sand, and clear water. Nightlife lovers come here, as this is the only place in Tioman with night bars and discos. To go snorkelling, you need to get to the southern part. The seabed is covered with sand and rocks. Here you can go diving, a well-structured tourist structure.


A resting place west of the island, the beach is covered with palm trees that provide a pleasant shade. It is convenient to go down to the lake, and it is suitable for snorkelling in the north.


It is a beautiful beach in the western part of the island, where you can find beautiful scenery and bays, but the seabed is covered with rocks. The beach has a well-developed tourist structure.

Air Batang

Beach in the western part of the island, also known as ABC. The coastline is 1 km long. The seabed is primarily rocky. Some places are suitable for snorkelling. The infrastructure is well developed.


In the main village on the island, ferries come here, and the beach is located north and south of the harbour. Compared to beaches in other towns, this resort is inferior to what you can generally sunbathe on the beach.

Weather And Climate

Tioman Island in Malaysia is located in the equatorial climate zone. It is hot here all year round – about + 30-32 degrees. The sea temperature is almost unchanged all year round – +29 degrees.

Malaysia has two seasons: rainy and dry. The rainy season begins in November and ends in March. It is difficult to get to the island during this time, and the weather is not conducive to resting – the wind blows, and the sea is stormy. Not all hotels accept tourists at this time of year.

The best weather in Tioman, Malaysia, is set in May and lasts until September. The maximum number of tourists comes from June to August.

Diving and Snorkeling

For diving enthusiasts, Tioman in Malaysia is a paradise. Clear, warm water, diverse aquatic life, and colourful corals create ideal conditions for scuba diving. Diving centres operate in each village and at all resorts. The cost of one dive is 150 ring gates.

Top Tioman Places to Snorkel and Dive:

  • Chebeh Island – located a quarter of an hour from Salang village, up to 27 meters deep, features – numerous tunnels and caves underwater, many corals, you can meet the carvings;
  • Malang Rock – is located north of the island of Malaysia, 20 minutes from the village of Salang. In addition to diving, there are excellent conditions for snorkelling – in shallow water, there are many corals and sponges, and at great depths, you can meet ridges, barracudas, and even sharks;
  • Salang Bay – located in front of Salang settlement, up to 15 meters deep, reefs are easily accessible, beginner divers come here to admire corals, anemones, turtles, and parrotfish;
  • Next to the office of the sea park – located between the settlements Tekek and Air Batang, the depth is up to 30 meters. In addition to diving, this is a beautiful place to snorkel, where fish are given here, and there are several sunken vessels nearby;
  • Reggis Island – located near the village of Tekek, up to a depth of 15 meters, is one of the most popular places for diving and snorkelling. You can find parts of sunken ships.

can rent snorkelling equipment all day, and service is provided on each beach:

  • West and fines – 10 ring gates each;
  • Mask and snorkel – 15 ringgit.
  • Some hotels and guesthouses offer snorkelling excursions half or all day. The cost is from 60 to 150 ring gates.

How to Get From Kuala Lumpur to Tioman

How to get to Tioman by plane

The runway is close to the village of Tekek, where there is a customs office and a pier where ferries dock.

Carrier – Berjaya Air, small aircraft with a capacity of only 48 people from Subang Airport. The duration of the flight is 60 minutes. The frequency of flights depends on the time of year – during the high season, the planes run daily, and during the rainy season – two to three times a week. Baggage weight limit – 10 kg. To get to Tioman, go to the airline’s website and check the flight schedule.

  • Compare accommodation prices using this form
  • How to get to Tioman Island by bus and ferry

The route involves a change in the city of Mersing. The course is as follows:

  • From Kuala Lumpur Airport, you need to get to Pudu Central. The journey takes 60 minutes. The ticket costs 12 ringgit;
  • 100 meters away, there is a stop on bus number 690, which goes to Bersepadu Selatan airport. The journey takes 20 minutes. The ticket price is about 2 roundabouts;
  • At Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, you have to buy a ticket to Mersing. The ticket costs about 38 round trips. The journey takes 5 hours.

In the city of Mersing, you must stay overnight and get to the pier around 6-00. Here you can buy tickets to Tioman in both directions. In addition, you have to pay 20 ring gates for visiting the island in Malaysia and 5 ring gates for garbage collection. On the way, the ferry stops at the island’s shores.

Now we know how to get to Tioman in Malaysia, on which beach you can relax and how to plan your free time. Be sure to visit this corner of Malaysia and experience the exotic taste of the resort.


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