Can You Scan Regular Photos to Digital Using Your Phone? – Tips & Guide

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Do you have old photos that could use an update to their quality? Or you may want to ensure that the photos last forever by immortalizing them into digital copies. One of the best and simplest ways to do this is to scan your photos into digital copies with your phone.

This blog will dive into what photo scanning is and the best tips to use when performing the process.

What is Photo Scanning?

Photo scanning converts a physical photograph into a digital format, typically by taking a digital picture of the original print. The resulting digital file can be stored on a computer or other electronic device and shared or edited using various software applications.

There are several different methods for scanning photos, including using a flatbed scanner, a film scanner, or a digital camera.

Things to Remember When Planning to Scan Photos to Digital Formats Using Your Phone

If you are going to scan your old photos to preserve them, follow these tips.

Use a Phone With a High-Quality Camera

The better the phone camera you use, the higher quality your images will be. There are many different brands and versions of camera phones, and they all will have varying degrees of camera quality. Do some research and get a phone with a great camera phone.

Pick Only Your Favorite Photos

You should only want to start with the best photos you have. This process takes time and effort (and perhaps money), so start with your favorite pictures and go from there.

Remove Pictures From Frames or Albums

For best scanning results, ensure you remove them from the frames beforehand. The edges will hinder the scanning process and not look great on your finished pictures.

Use Editing Tools To Clean Your Photos

There are fantastic photo editing software tools to make your photos look better than ever before. Once your image is scanned, you can edit the brightness, temperature, tint, hue, and more. You can crop or erase people or objects you don’t want in your photo.

Ensure Natural Lighting

Using natural lighting is a helpful tip to remember when scanning a photo with your phone because it can help to produce a higher-quality scan. Using the flash on your phone’s camera can create harsh shadows and cause the colors to appear washed out when scanning.

Natural lighting can bring out the actual colors and details of the photo. Natural light tends to be more diffuse, which helps to illuminate the picture and reduce shadows evenly.

Follow Correct Positioning:

When scanning a photo with your phone, try to position the camera directly above the image to be parallel to the picture’s surface. This helps minimize distortion and ensure that the scan is faithful to the original. Avoid tilting the camera or holding it at an angle, as this can cause the scan to appear distorted or skewed.

Use a Transfer Machine

A transfer machine is a device specifically designed for scanning photos. It typically includes high-resolution sensors and advanced image processing software that can help produce a more accurate and detailed scan.

One of the main advantages of using a transfer machine is that it can help to minimize distortion and ensure that the scan is as true to the original as possible because transfer machines are designed to hold the photo in a fixed position.

How Can a Photo Digitization Service Help?

A photo digitization service can help you scan your old photos by providing a convenient and efficient way to convert your physical images into digital format. Photo digitization services offer high-quality scanning equipment and software that can produce high-resolution scans of your photos.

One of the main advantages of using a photo digitization service, such as Capture, is that it can save you time and effort. Instead of scanning each photo individually, you can simply send your pictures to the service, which will handle the scanning process.


Using a photo digitization service to scan your old photos to digital copies saves time and effort. However, you can scan them yourself using a good-quality smartphone camera, editing software, and other equipment. Whichever way you choose, converting your photos to digital is your best bet to immortalize your photos.

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