Wedding yourself- How to plan?

Wedding yourself; how do you do it effortlessly? Important words have been spoken, the ring on the finger shines, and the bride’s position has been received! Today you will learn how to prepare for the wedding so that you will irrevocably remember this day! Planning a wedding is both difficult and costly. Many newlyweds are plagued by the question of how to cheaply plan a wedding on their own, what to take care of, what not to forget, and what essential things to remember so that the festival is special and unique. This endlessly exciting time from engagement to the wedding will never happen again, so there is much to do and realize. In this review, we have selected tips and advice to save you from unpredictable situations on the most important day of your life. Since the main task for your vacation is to prepare everything so that you enjoy and enjoy every second of an unforgettable event on the wedding day. So, let’s begin.


Please make a list of your wedding expenses and stick to it. At the same time, must also write changes in plans and additional costs in the “budget.” Keep 20% of the total in stock, as overspending is very common, and this item will help you control expenses.

The idea of ​​a wedding

Most newlyweds want to model their wedding in some style. It can be a mega-modern, classic, vintage, rocker, sports, oriental, peasant, or vampire-style wedding. The result is that from the invitation to the menu, everything is created according to the idea. If you are original, then warn the guests so that they prepare for an unusual holiday. Can specify the concept of ​​the wedding in the invitation cards.

Marriage registration

Usually, the solemn registration of marriage takes place at the registry office. An application is submitted, a state fee is paid, and 2 months are expected, and if the bride is pregnant – 1 month (against presentation of a certificate or exchange card of a pregnant woman). But supporters of non-classical weddings can plan a quiet wedding. Sign and prepare the main celebration on the day of the wedding or celebrate the wedding process in a restaurant, outdoors, on the beach, planetarium, circus arena, or other location. Hired artists will help you play registration.


Many festivals and holy days are stuck in the church calendar when the wedding is not held. Therefore, it is possible that the registration and the wedding ceremony will not work on the same day. Then the bride and groom decide on their own which date they will celebrate: registration, wedding or both. It is important to remember that the wedding takes place in the presence of a state marriage certificate.


Recently, the trend of holding weddings in tents in picturesque corners has been gaining momentum. Can entrust it to specialized companies. They will set up an arch, set the table, bring everything in and then remove it. This wedding option increases material and planning costs. There is a surprising thing here – the very unpredictable weather. Also, please pay attention to the availability and number of toilets so that it is convenient for guests to visit them.


Choosing a restaurant should be based on the cuisine, so that you like both the general menu and the party option. Of course, it is better to book a party at a trusted restaurant. But if the establishment is unfamiliar to you, visit it a few times to try the cuisine. Since the wedding party takes up a large part of the budget, a healthy economy is essential here. Calculate the number of guests accurately and make sure that everyone attends. At the same time, talk to the organization about the possibility of additional reservations for 2-5 people, and bring your food and alcoholic beverages. Order salads at 1 serving – 2, 5–3 people. Make sure that everything that is not eaten or processed is packed in a disposable dish and given to you.

Also, consider the time of year, traffic flow, surrounding area, opening hours, and layout of the halls when choosing a location. Find out the time until you can hold the event and the additional payment amount for each extra hour. Check if your wedding will be one on this date.

Ensure enough space for a dance floor in the room, and check smoking areas, parking, and fireworks. Once you’ve selected, pay a deposit and ask for written confirmation of your booking.

Seated guests at the table

The groom’s friends, bridesmaids, and parents sit with the chicks. The rest of the tables can accommodate 6-10 people or arranged lengthwise with the letter “P”, if the size of the room and your preferences allow. So that the guests can see the chicks, the tables are set in a herring pattern. Once you have decided on the seating plan, prepare a specific place for each guest, which you can specify in the invitation; for example, table number 5, called “Natalya.” Place a plate with a number on each table and a container with a lovely postcard with the name of the guests. Group guests by age and family background, thin the bride’s guests with the groom’s guests, so everyone gets to know each other and relax.


Once you have decided on the date and place of the celebration, be sure to send the wedding invitations as soon as possible. Come up with your original way to notify family and friends. For example, a postcard for a grandmother and an original e-mail invitation for a young friend. You can independently invent and create invitation cards by drawing them in a computer program and printing them on special paper.

Banquet hall and car decoration

Experienced florists and wedding decorators will help you appropriately decorate your wedding in a unique style: balloons, fresh flowers, banners, candles, wireframes, and colored paper pompoms. You can decorate the cars yourself, and the restaurant’s wedding hall usually has a supply of lovely decorations, but of course, no dummies. The hall’s embellishment with the restaurant’s features is included in the party cost.

Ransom fee

Ransom is the funniest entertainment. But how fun and exciting it will depend only on the guests. Therefore, if the groom is ready to overcome obstacles and the guests are prepared to support him with active participation, then develop an exciting scenario of redemption. It does not involve a huge budget; you can redeem a bride not with money but with trinkets, sweets, and tasks. Usually, many drugs are drunk during such fun, so exclude expensive alcohol from the ransom. If it’s summer, you can make a refreshing low-alcohol cocktail, winter – fragrant mulled wine. Can find a solution program on the Internet.

Wedding ceremony at home

In addition to the traditional party at the restaurant, you need to take care of the home celebration. Play light, not loud music, decorate the apartment and prepare hot snacks and alcohol. Depending on the budget, this work can be done by: toastmaster, decorators, and restaurants with food delivery.


A good host is a key to a fun wedding. Choose this person carefully based on the recommendations of like-minded peers. Talk to the host about all the details so contests, jokes, and ideas fit into the wedding canvas and entertainment ideas. In the cafe, give a place in advance to dress the speakers, entertainers, and guests. It is a gross mistake to think that a wedding will be happily held without a particular toaster. Guests will not entertain each other; everyone wants to relax, unwind and have fun. Keeping visitors engaged is hard work that requires experience.


When you hire a toaster, listen to his recommendations about the artists he works with. Usually, they have a well-coordinated team, so the risk of “snags” will be lower. Additionally, you can request a video to see how everything will look. Please pay attention to the length of the performance and how often it appears. It is better to choose one big show that will last most of the wedding and several small ones. For example, by ordering a group of nationalist gypsies, you get hearty singing, fiddling, and daring. No one can sit in front of this, and between times the toaster will entertain guests with contests.

Wedding yourself
Wedding yourself


The hosts have a standard set of festive wedding music. Check it in advance so you can correct it. Prepare the DJ a composition on a medium suitable for him, which you will give in a few days so that he can check the sound on his equipment.

Video, photography

Take full responsibility when choosing a photo and video operator. Check out the portfolio and the expert’s website, given that only the best works are published there. Usually, every photographer and videographer has their favorite and standard ways and compositions. Still, you have the right to change them to any romantic corner of the city. A specialist should be close to you in spirit, have experience in similar work, and hear your wishes. Talk about video effects and wedding movie editing, so the soul songs accompanying the storyline suit your spirit. It is ideal for holding a test photo session of fun memories related to your favorite places before the wedding.


You can rent any vehicle: cars, limousines, buses. The main thing here is the capacity, condition of the vehicle, punctuality, and tact of the driver. For the bride and groom, you can choose a beautiful passenger car and guests – a comfortable bus/minivan, where they can meet and drink champagne. The most economical option is friends’ cars, but friends-drivers cannot relax because they do a specific job.

The wedding cake

You can order the wedding cake from a restaurant, a private chef, or a baker at home. It all depends on the newlyweds’ wishes and budget. Usually, a serving of dessert is calculated at around 100-150 g per person.

Wedding dress

Choose a dress in advance. Decide on the style (especially for a themed wedding): original, simple, lush, tight fit, again. And then with the price. Bridal salons have plenty of options for every budget and taste. After trying on the model of the dress you like, take a picture of yourself from different angles and take a few days to look at yourself better. To save money, you can rent the dress from wedding salons, buy it on sale, order online or sew it in a tailor shop.

It is better to leave the tradition of bridesmaid dresses in the same style and color to save the wedding budget. Since you must order the outfit from the tailors in advance, which will involve monetary expenditure, you can oblige the bridesmaids to choose the dress style on their own, but in a specific color.


Choosing clothes for the groom does not create difficulties. The holiday costume can be rented or made to order. But for the groom’s clothes to match the bride’s dress, put a handkerchief in the buttonhole in the same color or material as the dress. Preparing two types of shirts is natural because they often get dirty during the holidays. Shoes, belts, ties, and cufflinks should match the color.

Makeup artist and hairdresser

Light hairstyles and fresh makeup highlighting the bride’s beauty are in fashion. If you know what you want, provide the master with photos of hairstyles and makeup in advance so that he thinks about the loyalty. However, it is advisable to pre-train.

The bride’s jewelry

Jewelry is chosen according to the general idea of ​​the image. The wedding ring in white gold – the rest of the jewelry in steel-colored, pink, or yellow gold frames – should match the colors. Dresses with an open top are complemented by long earrings standing collar – with medium clips. To make wearing a veil comfortable, get an elegant comb. It is better not to put on more rings because it will emphasize beauty only on a wedding ring.

Wedding shoes

Must choose shoes after purchasing the dress. At the same time, remember that you need to spend at least 12 hours on it: run, walk around the lawn, participate in competitions, and dance. Therefore, immediately prepare to change shoes if you are tired or sacrifice beauty for comfort. Interchangeable shoes in the form of “ballet flats” should also be bright, with fittings. Also, remember that the bride’s shoes should not be higher than the groom’s. Even without emphasizing it, this aspect will not be in your favor in the photographs.


If the scenario involves the groom throwing a garter stitch removed from the bride’s leg, take care of this toilet detail in advance so it is comfortable to wear. Or, depending on the scenario, set it to a few minutes before the operation.

The bride’s handbag

The handbag should match the color and style of the bride’s look. It should be small enough to fit a pack of wet wipes, lip gloss, mirror, patch, or phone. It can be purchased separately or from a beauty salon or fashion designer.


The wedding manicure should match the color of the dress, makeup, and jewelry. If there are no false nails, then cover the nails with shellac, then the drawing will be reliable and will not deteriorate at the wrong time.

Feet should be well groomed, even if no one sees them, and you will wear socks. But if the shoes are open, take care of the pedicure. The jacket looks perfect on the legs.

The bride’s bouquet

The bouquet should be light because you need to hold it in your hands for a long time and then throw it into a group of girlfriends. The most comfortable options are with long stems. Choose a bouquet that matches the colors of the dress and the groom’s clothes.


According to an old tradition, newlyweds at the registry office and the church are supposed to stand on the wedding towel, which symbolizes the beginning of a joint life. According to the legend, the bride’s mother should sew the towel directly by the girl. But in modern times, it is more often bought ready-made with prints of national ornament.

Wedding rings

Rings are a symbol of marriage. You can buy them in jewelry stores or develop an original design and order from a jewelry store. But then must take care of this in advance.

What mistakes do newlyweds make when planning a wedding on their own?

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