Celebrating 30 Years with Squires Kitchen

Squires Kitchen has been creating and manufacturing innovative and trusted products for cake decorating and sugarcraft for almost 30 years. And earlier this month we popped along to join in with the celebrations and see just what this leading sugarcraft company has to offer.

The Best Momo in Town at the Gurkha Kitchen, Oxted

Eighteen years ago the doors first opened at the Gurkha Kitchen in Oxted, and today it is still one of the town's most popular restaurants, serving authentic Nepalese dishes - and the best Momo we have tasted so far! Saturday nights are regularly booked out in advance and busy evenings are the norm, so making advance reservations is advised.

Rediscover the Benefits of Real-World Games

When was the last time you played a real-world game? Not Candy Crush or Facebook Cookie Jam but real life, non computer, board games? Or put together a puzzle, built an Airfix model or simply got outside with a ball or Frisbee in the park? Take a peek at what the London Toy Fair had on offer this year. Lots of offline games to get us back on our feet and working our brains!

Natural Nail Enamels from NATorigin

NATorigin have launched *NEW* natural nail enamels, adding to their successful range of hypo-allergenic yet natural skincare and organic cosmetics. NATorigin nail enamels are gentle on the skin and nourishing to the nails due to a formulation based on 83% natural ingredients.

Is Your Diet Making You Ill?

It's January - and that means the Weight Watchers have taken over the advertising spaces, with cooks and 'health gurus' coming out in force, while gyms and health clubs do their best to get you through their doors. January is depressing enough but what do you do if your diet is making you ill?

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