Harry Potter’s birthday – how to celebrate fun

Harry Potter’s birthday, how to decorate? The Harry Potter’s theme can be held for primary and secondary school children. See how to invite, and decorate the room—competition ideas and recipes.

Many children love this magical story. Please love your child by making the holiday unforgettable. It will help with a birthday in the style of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter’s-style invitation decor?

Prepare them in advance so guests understand what events they are invited to and how the party will be held.


  • A4 sheets;
  • Printer;
  • Jute rope;
  • Sealing wax;
  • Big coin

You can buy sealing wax, ask at the post office or use it instead of plastic.

It will be necessary to cook the leaves. I can do it in various ways. The easiest way is to paint them with a brush in some places with tea. First, you can trim their edges randomly and then do this method.

Another way is to cook the leaves in the oven for a short time. But be careful not to burn them.

Write the congratulations and print them on the printer. If this is not possible, write by hand.

Come up with a password where you will allow guests. Write it on letterhead.

Now roll each invitation into a tube and tie it with jute rope. Melt the sealing wax in advance. Carefully place it on the end of the string and press down with a coin to make a seal like this.

If you can’t get sealing wax, take a suitable colored plastic and make a seal out of it. Use one as an air healer.

An owl can bring birthday invitations. Of course, it won’t be real.

Blow up balloons and draw an owl with markers or rag pens on each face. Attach these blanks with colored ribbons, and attach envelopes with invitations at their ends. It can be rolled up and used.

Another option is to apply for an owl and stick an invitation upside down on the paws.

You can print the following invitations on a printer or old paper and glue them to cardboard rectangles. Write to whom it is addressed.

To do this, use a stencil or paint on a brick and apply it to the base. You can buy such material and use it. Cut the curtain in the middle so guests can freely enter the room.

When they enter the room, they will see magical properties. There will be wands, a ball with predictions, and a sign that says you need to save Dobby.

After walking a little further, guests will find themselves in the room. Make it Hogwarts in advance. If you expect many guests and have a spacious room, immediately divide the room into several zones. You need to take fabrics of specific colors and sew fabrics from them.

The black and yellow area is Hufflepuff; tables decorated in blue and white will represent the Raven claw. Green and gray are Slytherin.

You can fix LED candles or those that run on electricity on the walls.

Harry Potter’s Birthday Dress Code

Think about what the guests will wear. They can bring the costumes, or you can make them yourself and hand them out to those who arrive in advance or at the entrance. You can take a burgundy sweater and yellow thread and sew initials on them. Wesley wore a similar sweater in the movie.

It is easy to make these ties; take a burgundy tie, and put stripes on it with a colored marker. Alternatively, you can use white links and dye them burgundy. To make robes for children from black fabric, make a tie from cardboard, like Harry Potter.

You can also make the clothes you want by spraying—Tape the front of the jacket to create a picture like this. Then pour the paint. When you remove the tape, this pattern will remain.

Scarves are also suitable as features for costumes. It is easy to knit with burgundy and yellow yarn.

First, you need to knit 10 cm with burgundy thread, change to yellow, incorporate the same amount, then use burgundy again. When the scarf is ready, close the knitting. Decorate the scarf with burgundy and yellow tassels.

Harry Potter’s birthday will be unforgettable. Have Professor Dumbledore meet the guests at the entrance. To do this, you can dress one of the elders in a suitable outfit.

Take a black cloth and fold it in half. Cut a hole in the middle for the head, and sew the fabric in half. From the remains of the canvas, you will see a hat and decorate it with braid and thread. If you don’t have a fake beard and mustache, there is a nice piece of fabric that needs to be cut into strips.

Print out Dumbledore’s portrait on a printer and frame it. Hang in a prominent place.

Can greet children not only at the wall to the platform but also at Diagon Alley. Draw this on a light wall. Make the outlines of houses and trees from wire by folding them accordingly.

Paste the picture of Harry Potter, an owl, and various magical properties on one of the walls.

You can hang pictures of his friends and other characters on the other wall.

Harry Potter's birthday
Harry Potter’s birthday

How to cover and what to cook for Harry Potter’s birthday?

You can take one big table and decorate it with red and yellow clothes. Use dishes of the same color.

To decorate your birthday in Harry Potter style:

  1. Make brooms out of spears and threads.
  2. Cut the light, broad strands so that they are of equal length.
  3. Fold several pieces into bundles and attach them to the skewers, tied with other threads.

In red and yellow tones, you can knit not only a scarf and make a sweater but also candlesticks. You create them from the rest of the thread.

Prepare several small glass jars in advance and fill each with a potion. It can be cranberry juice, lemon juice, or tarragon with a branch of this plant. Also helpful is rose water and lilac tea with purple flowers.

Cover these jars with corks on top and tie them with string and paper.

The cast iron will act as a boiler. This feature comes in handy if you start playing catch with children. You will break them inside. And then you can put gingerbread here and give it to the children.

Cover the plastic cups in advance with white paper strips with the words of the drink and place them on the tables.

You can create a menu like in a restaurant. Make the drinks fit the holiday, but with a humorous twist.

You can arrange slices of carrots and cucumbers as a snack in glass jars.

If you need to make a quick snack, ready-made puff or yeast dough and sausages will help. Roll out the dough and cut it into strips wrapped around the link. Place 2 raisins on one side of the rolled dough strip to form the eyes of the snake. Put a red pepper in her mouth.

You will make magic puff pastry wrappers. Buy ready-made, and roll each into a rectangle. Place a piece of cheese inside and connect all four corners in the middle.

Create another feature from the Harry Potter story. We offer to make brooms from chocolate salt sticks. To do this, melt the chocolate and put it in a silicon mold, put the bars on top, and remove the sweetness in the fridge until it solidifies.

Make these cakes for a delicious Harry Potter birthday. If you don’t want to cook, you can buy and decorate them this way.

Draw glasses on the file and cover this template with melted chocolate after pouring it into a pastry syringe. As the workpiece hardens, it turns into glass. And from colored plastic, you will make scarves and a kind of zipper.

Put pTurn candy into a Harry Potter book feature – Snitch. Cut such wings from white paper and glue them to this candy—popcorn in a pot. Decorate the table with tall candles with beautiful candlesticks.

Decorate plain cocoa with whipped cream and make it a beautiful, magical drink. Make vanilla ice cream, and top with ice cream for a lovely birthday dessert that you can make quickly.

Of course, the cake will be the main feature of the festive table. You can make a rectangular cake, then cover it with whipped cream or condensed milk. Decorate the top with elements from this colored sugar paste story.

You can create a real candy bar by placing here not only food on a specific theme but also various signs and utensils.

Write on old scraps of paper which dish is in front of the guests. Arrange your goodies in beautiful, themed containers.

Harry Potter’s Birthday Paper – Competitions and Games

Design contests ahead of time to channel the kids’ fun in the right direction.

 For the following, you will need:

  • Large and small branches;
  • Yarn;
  • Chocolate;
  • Key form.

Melt the chocolate and pour it into the essential molds. While it cools, it ties the small ones to a large branch. Now connect each key with a string and attach it to this base.

Harry Potter's birthday
Harry Potter’s birthday

A prophecy within a prophecy

Prepare a crystal or glass ball in advance. Let the guests take turns looking at it and greeting the birthday child. The hero of the occasion will name the omens he likes, and the participant will get points. Whoever collects the most wins?

Magic tricks

You can invite a magician in advance, which will surely surprise those present. It is also easy to do simple tricks with your own hands. Prepare everything you need and amaze your guests.


Have the kids find the hidden invisibility cloak. But for this, they have to remember and say precisely how Harry Potter got it. They will recognize that the owl brought it to him. So it would help if you found that particular bird or its trace. And you should print a picture of an owl in advance and place it near the mantle for the children to find.

They will also be interested in looking for an elderberry stick. Let the children remember again how she got the main character in the play. He called it after defeating Draco Malfoy. Print out Draco’s portrait ahead of time and hang it somewhere in the room. There will be a stick nearby.

Preparation of the drink

This lesson and, at the same time, the game will also be sure to please the children. And then the house of Harry Potter, the home of the hero of the occasion, will give many exciting things. With the help of Quest, send the children to a secret room where there will be no light. You can use a flashlight from your phone. Have the children find the printed recipe. And then they will look for spiders, snakes, frogs, and flies, from which they will prepare a drink. Of course, these characters will be toys or made of edible materials.

Children will love playing Quid ditch. The next competition is best held outdoors.

Quid ditch game

Prepare in advance:

  • Plastic cups;
  • Tennis balls;
  • Wire;
  • Film.

Twist round materials from wire, wrap them in foil, and bottle them. Can paint it with gold paint. You also need to paint the balls and glue paper to them in the form of wings. Now children will start throwing these balls through the rings into the cups. Whoever is the most accurate will win.

This way, you can create various outstanding features, set the table, prepare delicious dishes and entertain guests with fun games and competitions.

And to make it more transparent how to spend a Harry Potter’s birthday the way.


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