Which type of Christmas lights are best?

When choosing the best type of Christmas lights for your holiday decorations, there are several factors to consider, including durability, color, energy efficiency, length, and customization options. Based on the information from “This Old House” and the “1000Bulbs Blog,” here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect Christmas lights.

Types of Christmas Lights

LED vs. Incandescent Bulbs:

  • LED Lights: Preferred for their brightness and energy efficiency. They generate less heat, reducing fire hazards, and are made from durable polycarbonate, suitable for long runs with lower energy costs. LED lights can be used three to four times more than incandescent bulbs without overloading circuits​​​​.
  • Incandescent Lights: Provide a traditional Christmas look, emitting warmth and cheer. However, they consume more power (5 to 7 watts per bulb) and have a limit on how many can be used on a single circuit​​.

Bulb Sizes (C7 and C9):

  • C9 Bulbs: Larger and more traditional, ideal for roof lines and fences due to their visibility.
  • C7 Bulbs: Slightly smaller, perfect for lining windows, pathways, and less extensive areas​​.
  • Bulb Color and Themes: Standard Christmas lights come in warm or cool white, but multicolored options and lights with festive characters (like Santa Claus, snowflakes, etc.) are also available for a more festive look​​​​.
  • Length and Connectivity: Christmas string lights can range from short (20 feet or less) to very long (100 feet or more). Multiple strings can often be connected to cover larger areas​​.
  • Wiring Type (SPT-1 vs. SPT-2): The main difference is the thickness of the insulation. SPT-1 is generally sufficient for most environments, while SPT-2 is better for harsh environments or year-round use​​.

Top Picks for 2023

  • Most Durable: JMEXSUSS LED String Lights.
  • Best for Trees: Prextex Christmas Light Set.
  • Best Length: SANJICHA Extra-Long Lights.
  • Best White Lights: 612 Vermont Clear Christmas Lights.
  • Most Eco-Friendly: Joomer Solar Christmas Lights​​​​.

Special Features and Accessories

  • Twinkly RGB Christmas Lights: Offer customization with LED RGB bulbs capable of producing over 16 million colors, controlled by an app for custom effects and animations​​.
  • Mounting Clips and Stakes: Facilitate easier installation and alignment of lights​​.
  • Extension Cords and Timers: Essential for power supply and convenient control. Ensure they are outdoor rated​​.

Customization and Layout

  • Diverse Range for Different Areas: Mini string lights, icicle lights, and net lights provide options for various locations like windows, roofs, and bushes​​.
  • Location Planning: Decide on the perfect locations for your lights, such as roof lines, trees, or driveways​​.
  • Stringers and Spools: Common for outdoor lighting, allowing for full customization of setup​​.

A Chart table for Christmas lights Size

Here’s a chart table summarizing the common sizes of Christmas lights:

Bulb Size Description Common Uses
C9 Larger, traditional bulbs Ideal for roof lines and fences due to visibility
C7 Slightly smaller than C9 Suitable for lining windows, pathways, and smaller areas
Mini Small, often LED lights Common for indoor trees, wreaths, and smaller decorations
Icicle Small bulbs dangling in icicle-like strings Often used on roof edges and window frames
Net Grids of lights Used for evenly covering bushes and shrubs

This table provides a general guide to the most popular sizes of Christmas lights and their typical applications.

A Price Chart Table for Christmas lights

I gathered some pricing information for various types of Christmas lights available in 2023, although I wasn’t able to compile a complete price chart for all types due to limitations in accessing certain sources. Here’s the information I could find.

Type of Light Price (USD) Additional Info
JMEXSUSS LED String Lights $18.99 27% off
Prextex Christmas Light Set $9.99 29% off
SANJICHA Extra-Long Lights $14.39 37% off
612 Vermont Clear Christmas Lights $11.97
Joomer Solar Christmas Lights $20.79 20% off
Holiday Time Clear Mini Christmas Lights $8.82 300 incandescent lights, 59 feet
C7 Warm White LED Christmas Lights $17.99 25 lights, lifespan up to 100,000 hours
BrizLabs Incandescent Christmas Lights $28.99 300-count pack
Smart App Controlled Twinkly Christmas Fairy Lights $250 Gold Edition, app-controlled
GE Energy Smart Multicolor LED Christmas String Lights $39.98 100 lights, 66-foot string
Rustic Leaf String Lights $59 Mini LED lights with artificial leaves
Christmas LED Starburst Novelty Lights $20.00 140 multicolor twinkling lights, battery-powered
Santa With Tree Night Light $22.99 Unique holiday lighting option
Vintage Pastel Light Strand $31.60 Pastel bulbs, indoor and outdoor use
Vintage Christmas Tree Lights $32.95 Functional vintage lights

Please note that these prices are subject to change and might vary depending on the seller and current discounts. This list should give you an idea of the price range for different types of Christmas lights available in 2023.

List of Worldwide top 10 Christmas lights company names with web address

Here is a list of top worldwide Christmas lights companies along with their web addresses:


Website: www.walmart.com

Known for offering a wide range of affordable Christmas lights and decorations​.

Christmas Lights Etc.

Website: www.christmaslightsetc.com

Specializes in holiday decorations, offering a vast selection of lights and other festive items​.


Website: www.amazon.com

Offers an extensive selection of Christmas lights among its vast array of products​.

Festive Lights

Website: www.festive-lights.com

Based in the UK, they offer a wide variety of Christmas decorations with a focus on lighting, including smart lighting systems​​.


Website: www.lowes.com

A major retailer offering a broad selection of holiday lighting products​.

Pottery Barn

Website: www.potterybarn.com

Known for stylish and high-quality home decor, including unique Christmas lights​.


Website: www.target.com

Offers a wide variety of affordable Christmas lights and decorations​.


Website: www.bronners.com

Known as the world’s largest Christmas store, located in Michigan, USA​.

Grandin Road

Website: www.grandinroad.com

Specializes in unique home decor and Christmas decorations​.


Website: www.etsy.com

Online marketplace for vintage and hand-made Christmas lights and decorations​.

These companies range from global giants to niche players, each offering a unique selection of Christmas lights to suit various styles and budgets.

Which type of Christmas lights are best?
Which type of Christmas lights are best?


The best Christmas lights for you depend on your specific needs and preferences. LED lights are generally recommended for their energy efficiency and safety, while incandescent lights offer a traditional glow. Consider the size and type of bulbs, the length of the lights, and the desired color or theme. Customizable options like Twinkly RGB lights can add a unique touch to your decorations. Don’t forget essential accessories like extension cords and timers for a hassle-free setup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Christmas Lights

What are the differences between LED and incandescent Christmas lights?

LED lights are more energy-efficient, brighter, produce less heat, and have a lower risk of fire hazards. Incandescent lights offer a traditional, warm glow but use more energy and can get hot.

Can I connect multiple strings of Christmas lights together?

Yes, many Christmas string lights are designed to be connected end-to-end. However, check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you don’t exceed the safe number of connections.

What sizes do Christmas lights come in?

Common sizes include C7 and C9 bulbs. C9 bulbs are larger and ideal for roof lines, while C7 bulbs are smaller, and suitable for windows and pathways.

How do I choose the right Christmas lights for my home?

Consider the location where you’ll hang the lights, the desired bulb size and type (LED or incandescent), color preferences, and any specific themes or effects you want.

Are solar Christmas lights a good option?

Solar Christmas lights are eco-friendly and can be a great option if your lighting location receives sufficient sunlight. They eliminate the need for electrical outlets and reduce energy costs.

How can I ensure the safety of my Christmas lights?

Look for lights that are UL-certified, indicating they meet safety standards. Avoid overloading circuits, especially with incandescent lights, and use outdoor-rated extension cords for outdoor lights.

Can I use indoor Christmas lights outdoors?

It’s not recommended. Outdoor lights are specifically designed to withstand weather conditions. Always use lights according to their intended use to ensure safety and durability.

Do Christmas lights come with a warranty?

This varies by manufacturer. Check the product details or contact the manufacturer for warranty information.

How long do Christmas lights last?

LED lights typically have a longer lifespan than incandescent lights. The lifespan also depends on the quality of the lights and how well they are maintained.

Are there smart Christmas lights available?

Yes, there are smart Christmas lights that can be controlled via apps or voice commands. These lights often offer customizable colours and patterns.






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